The bridge between body & soul

The bridge between body & soul

If we look at the symbolism of the heart chakra as a bridge between the 1st-3rd chakras and 5th-7th chakras, we see how love is at the center of all we do. Negative emotions can not exist in the presence of LOVE.

Check out this post to see how inviting in more love can be healing.

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How to set the world on fire

set the world on fire

set the world on fire

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We are all connected, moving to a similar pulse, hungry and thirsty for the same thing, wanting to feel that we matter.

This connection provides us with a network that when used to it’s fullest capacity can cause electric transformation and change. If you conceive of an idea born from guided inspiration that may be of great benefit to someone, chances are that that someone is waiting for your gift to be shared.

What we need to remember is that when we light a spark from heart led inspiration, it will ablaze. If you want to set this world on fire and be a positive, impactful force– you already have everything you need.

We were all given uniquely different talents to contribute to this life experience.

Do something you have never done before in a whole new way with the intention of feeding the world with the tools and gifts that only you have.

You may wonder, what is spirit inspired action?

A clue I can share is if you’ve been absent of any real passion, exuberant joy, or fulfillment then you likely have not been living life from a such a place. When you are making choices that are in alignment with your gifts, talents or that come from the heart AND you get an buzz doing them, it’s safe to say that you are in the right place.

When you operate from this awesome feeling with clarity, focus and determination that your spark catches fire and others want to drink your Kool Aide.

You know you are out of alignment with heart led inspiration when you:

•hate waking up in the morning to go to work
•feel unfulfilled
•know that you are holding back
•have an idea for a project, business, movement that you can’t let go of
•no one else knows how magnificent you really are
•are frustrated because you are not living the life that you dream of and are capable of living

Here’s what you can do about it:

•Celebrate your uniqueness
•Get in the habit of sharing what makes your soul sing
•When great things happen for you remember to pay it forward
•Choose and commit to making a life change that will make you feel magnetic
•Create an affirmation for yourself that keeps you on track. For example, “Each day I create an opportunity to enhance my life and the lives of others”
•Trust your Intuition!
•Live your life for yourself not for your parents, friends, siblings, etc.

It does not take a grand master plan to make an impact– just the ability to let go.

Allow your glorious spirit to lead you to the perfect way to express yourself.

It’s usually that thing that’s been shoved to the back of your mind; the idea that just won’t go away. When you move with meaningful action you are connected to the greater purpose and feeding a need. You know your spirit better than anyone else. If your soul is stirring you are in the right place.

Here’s to your spark!

Speak your truth!



How often do we shy away from being our authentically wonderful selves? 

In the Chakra System, expression and communication relate to the 5th Chakra which occupies the space at the throat. 

Holding back ideas because the timing doesn't seem right, being dishonest with yourself or others, not speakingyour truth and not taking time to really hear can block energy in this Chakra.

Who are you really being if you are fearful of expressing who YOU are. 

There is only one you who possess gifts and talents to share with the world.  You may be withholding precious information that can really benefit someone if you do not express yourself.

From a mind-body perspective, blocked 5th Chakra energy can manifest as a sore throat, thyroid imbalance and tense shoulders. 

If you are not ready to speak your truth than at least start writing it out.  The best remedy for fear is to dissolve the fear itself.  Fear is just a perceived reality.  Focus only on positive outcomes that can come from your expression.  Speak from a place of authenticity and love.  Speak what is so for you and remember the gift you have to offer from your expression.


Believe the impossible

You absolutely have to go there.  You have to believe that miracles can happen, that the outrageous dream you have is possible, that the impossible really does just mean i’m-possible.

Your mantra should be... 

You have to believe with the innocence of a child who knows that all things are possible because they could not fathom anything otherwise.  

Don't be the cynical adult with your vision-- let your imaginative juices out to play and say, what if?  What if you really can do it, be it, have it, know it?  

You deserve every ounce of creative freedom when it comes to the fulfillment of your desires.  

There's a lot to be said for seeing something in the minds eye then allowing it to manifest.  

Athletes do it, they see they're race or game performed at a record pace in order to invite the possibility of winning in.  We have to get in the same practice for our lives.  

The 2nd (sacral) and 6th (third eye) Chakras are key for this.  Creativity is born in the sacral chakra.  This is where you give birth to an exciting idea and allow it to bloom.   At the third eye, start to see and sense what it would feel like for your impossible idea to come to fruition.  

Let creativity meet imagination and watch the once small thought grow into an exciting and grand project.

 Don't let any thing limit the process.  When you allow the impossible the sky is the limit.


Your past does not have to be your future

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The amazing thing about life is that we always have the opportunity to see a new day.  

What happened yesterday has no bearing on what will happen in the present.

The only thing we bring with us as we travel forward through time our story about who we are or who we were told we were supposed to be.

We often hang on to other’s definition of who we are stemming from childhood or teenage years.

This characterization, while so out dated is familiar and we may wear it like a badge. We cling to what we know even if it does not serve us.

The challenge is to rewrite our story.

What happened in the past is the past. So, who are you now? What new foundation can you lay so that you move forward with security and safety?

Paint where you have come from in a positive light.

Challenges have only made you stronger and more appreciate of what others take for granted.

Highlight good times and moments you have felt all your needs being met. Feel where you want to go and know that you have support. Breathe in a fresh new perspective and move into your future feeling blessed with strength and resilience.


Peace Be Still


What if we lived each moment of each day truly content knowing that all is well?

The job that was lost, the deal that didn’t close, the hardship that doesn’t seem to end, all designed for us to get us closer to relying and trusting divine order. Hardships tests our endurance and development muscles where we must grow and get stronger to over come obstacles. 

It’s never about the “what” of a situation but instead the “who” we become on the journey.

Trusting that we are where we are meant to be per our soul agreement with the divine is the spiritual act of surrender so essential for well being. We have the opportunity to grow deeper in our connection with Spirit, to expand our listening and hear more clearly our guidance. It takes practice and commitment to this act in effort to experience an enlightened life.

Stress would be no more, for we would rest in the fact that all things have been perfectly placed in our lives to give birth to greater character.

If we could live intimately entangled with spirit, we would understand in each moment that we are okay.

What a concept! Then... we would really live and breathe, upon wake and at the close of each day, that all is well.

Does your soul sing

What are you doing in life if not working, living and breathing your passion? 

MANY today have sacrificed what makes them happy for what they were told they were supposed to do.  So 1950’s!  Today, we live in a time where 9 year olds are CEOs of multimillion dollar companies, information is as close as a key stroke and the sky is the limit when it comes to innovation.

With so much possibility in the world, what are you waiting for? 

Passion denotes a compelling feeling, enthusiasm or desire for something.  Generated in the 2nd Chakra, it is where ideas go through gestation to be delivered into the world. 

Let’s see if we can get you closer to figuring out your passion:

  • What recurring ideas for projects keep coming to you? 
  • What activities or topics really excite you? 
  • What could you not live without? 
  • What is your ideal life? 
  • If money were not an issue, what would you do for a living? 
  • What makes you happy and fulfilled? 
  • What could you do for work that would really be like a hobby? 
  • What talents do you have that you enjoy?

When you are in alignment with what excites you, joy transforms the life you knew into a life full of fulfillment.  Stay focused on purpose and passion and you will find yourself living your way into a renewed life.


Unexpected Blessings



We think we have it all figured out.

An plan of action for the game of life and how we will play it is in full effect.  For a moment, we may even feel ahead of the curve with our blueprint in tact.  It’s funny how we act so surprised when we get thrown a curve ball causing impromptu changes to the well thought out plan. 

As if LIFE did not get the memo.

We are in a time when so much of the unexpected and unprecedented is happening in the world.  So much about life is not what happens, but how one responds to it.  Take a look at a few pointers below that may help you see the blessings in the unpredicted.

1)     Reflect on a time that you can remember a grand disappointment and how it gave you new insight, awareness and the start of an awesome experience.

2)     Imagine if your life really did go according to the self authored “master plan”.  What bullet where you able to dodge by letting fate and the powers that be cause interference?

3)     May your best friends, partner, new job, new found hobby or renewed sense of self have come from a chance situation?  I bet you never saw that one coming.  What joy have they brought to your world?  Are you happy with the new you?

4)     Our life perspective is often so small when compared to the grand potential we have that we may be unable to see.  It’s a good thing we are challenged to evolve and give rise to the bigger and better version of self.

5)    Life is about miracles and we can’t plan those!

I’m bringing happy back!



In Robin William’s movie, Hook, it took just one happy thought to access Peter Pan’s powers to fly.  After becoming a boring, dreadful adult Peter Pan became sullen and devoid of laughter in his life.  He had to re-discover his happy to be at his best to rescue his children from the evil pirate.  Hmm, sounds like a good strategy plan to me.

It can be so easy to loose sight of what gives you a good belly laugh. 

Happiness is healing. 

Once you get a taste of the happy’s, it’s hard to resist another turn.

The practice is worth the effort.  When you are feeling joyful the body releases more of the “feel good” hormone called serotonin. 

Acupuncture also stimulates the release of “feel good” hormones.  When serotonin and other neurotransmitters are released not only do you feel a bit euphoric, you are better able to deal with pain and adopt an optimistic outlook.

Food for thought: 

  • What does inner happiness mean to you? 
  • What makes you organically happy? 
  • How powerful do you feel when you are joyful? 
  • How can you make this a practice? 

Remember… happy thoughts keep you and your spirits lifted!