Speak your truth!



How often do we shy away from being our authentically wonderful selves? 

In the Chakra System, expression and communication relate to the 5th Chakra which occupies the space at the throat. 

Holding back ideas because the timing doesn't seem right, being dishonest with yourself or others, not speakingyour truth and not taking time to really hear can block energy in this Chakra.

Who are you really being if you are fearful of expressing who YOU are. 

There is only one you who possess gifts and talents to share with the world.  You may be withholding precious information that can really benefit someone if you do not express yourself.

From a mind-body perspective, blocked 5th Chakra energy can manifest as a sore throat, thyroid imbalance and tense shoulders. 

If you are not ready to speak your truth than at least start writing it out.  The best remedy for fear is to dissolve the fear itself.  Fear is just a perceived reality.  Focus only on positive outcomes that can come from your expression.  Speak from a place of authenticity and love.  Speak what is so for you and remember the gift you have to offer from your expression.