Weight loss for the food lover. Balance for the busy.

Whether you battle with sweets, over eating, or abuse of food, balance is needed. 

Our stressful, chaotic or even happy life styles are often demonstrated by the foods we chose.   When we're feeling bad, we usually indulge in junk food.   When we feel good, we may go for foods that taste really great but are more mindful of the impact our choices make on our health.  

Understanding weight management, weight loss and detoxing requires mindfulness of nutrition as well as your mental and emotional state.  

We have to get to the root of unhealthy eating habits to support long term weight loss and balance.

Weight management is not always as simple as calorie counting and exercise.

If you are an emotional eater or crave sweets it is important to get to the bottom of the issue that compels you to grub! 

  • Does eating bring you satisfaction that is missing from other areas in your life?  
  • Do you crave the security from food when feeling insecure?
  • Do sweets relieve tension?
  • Has food always filled a void for you or is it cyclical?
  • Have you considered working with a coach or therapist to get to the root of deep seated emotional challenges?
  • Can you see the correlation between your mood and eating habits?

Structure can be so essential in handling weight management and proper nutrition from a nutritional perspective.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE food, it's actually a big part of my problem.  I can go to the extremes with eating lots of food.  Over the years, I've learned how to eat and what's at the root of seeking pleasure in food... it's a journey. 

I've taught my husband that it's about health and maintaining vitality so we can really enjoy life with abundant wellness.

My Shed the Pounds program was born from my desire to have some structure in eating and keep mental and emotional factors in check and not demonstrated on my plate.  By working a system that works you get to learn which foods work best for you and monitor your emotions in the process. Personally, my health and fulfillment are what I set my intentions on daily and how I eat directly effect these life qualities.   

To live like you never have, you have to do something you have never done.  If weight has been a challenge for you in the past consider doing some deeper work that will only add to your wellness success.  Also, join my Shed the Pounds, 21 Day Weight Loss & Detox program. You deserve to live with freedom after sheddig what weighs you down.

Until next time,