I'm a holistic health care provider who helps you get to the root of your issue with a natural approach.

Achieve long lasting health, wellness & peace.

I talk a lot about living life to the fullest, natural remedies, yummy healthy recipes, Chakra balancing, exploring Chinese medicine, embracing essential oils, & letting your spirit shine.

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My services, programs and blogs share how to best take care of yourself from a holistic, mind-body-spirit perspective so that you are empowered to heal yourself.

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Here's a peek at my latest blog posts:


Using affirmations is such a powerful way to reduce tension and relax the body. If you find yourself harboring negative energy and it's effecting how you physically feel, check out this FB LIVE.

How does stress effect your body? For some, stress impacts metabolism and cravings and for others it may be loose stool and butterflies in the stomach.

In this fun FB Live, I got to have a great conversation with viewers who shared what's currently stressing them out and how they cope. Check it out.

I'm addressing a common frequently asked question, "What is Eastern medicine?". There are so many hot buzz words in the health arena but many aren't fully aware of their meaning. As a holistic health enthusiast, I'm happy to share my definition.

In this video, I also share 3 ways Eastern medicine can enhance your health and life. Check it out.

When speaking of self love and self care, many women refer to it as if it’s a mythological legend.  It sounds great in theory but it's ever elusive. 

In this post, I share how and why you should turn that unicorn into a tangible reality. Check it out.


Getting good sleep is just as valuable as a good bowel movement but folks are struggling these days. Your body rejuvenates and heals during nighttime rest. It’s important to make sure you’re setting yourself up for quality sleep.

Check out this post to solidify your nighttime ritual to prepare you for fantastic sleep.

A close elder family friend once shared with me his keys to happiness. He said, “Lisa, there are a few essential pleasures in life: 1- Good sleep… 2- A peaceful environment 3- A GOOD CRAP”. 

If you’re backed up and missing out on #3, check out this post for my top 4 natural remedies.


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