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I talk a lot about living life to the fullest, natural remedies, yummy healthy recipes, Chakra balancing, exploring Chinese medicine, embracing essential oils, & letting your spirit shine.

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My services, programs and blogs share how to best take care of yourself from a holistic, mind-body-spirit perspective so that you are empowered to heal yourself.

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There was once a time that my diet consisted of copious amounts of Pizza Hut, pizza and soda as well as meals from Burger King, McDonalds and Jack N The Box.  

Check out this blog post to see how I became the health nut I am today.... it wasn't easy.

As a kid, I loved the zucchini fries from Carl's Jr.  I mean, who doesn't love a crispy outside with a soft middle ;)  I wanted a guilt free rendition of zucchini fries- something that wouldn't give me that greasy, heavy feeling.  Mission accomplished- check out the recipe :)

These savory, crispy roasted chickpeas will become your new favorite snack. If you make them guests, they'll be gone before the oven cools down. Do yourself a favor and have a second batch cooking up so you won't be sad when the first batch is gone.

Check out the recipe in this post.  

Eggs in a muffin tin are super simple to make and you can pop them in the oven while you take care of a few other morning needs.

Make ahead eggs are great when you have several mouths to feed or find yourself in a hurry getting out of the door in the morning.

Check out the recipe in this post. 

I was determined to come up with a cold fighting, immune boosting elixir that was pleasing to the taste buds.  Hooray... I did it.  My immune boosting elixir recipe is really tasty and has powerful immune supporting ingredients your body will love. Check out the post for the recipe.

I chuckle a little when I write black acupuncturist, probably because I forget that I'm in a profession where you don't see many chocolate, brown skinned practitioners.

Who I am and what I feel is spirit wearing a beautiful, brown cloak whose DNA is linked to an ancestral heritage of generations of "holistic" healers.

Check out this post for more on my path less traveled journey.


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