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I talk a lot about living life to the fullest, natural remedies, yummy healthy recipes, Chakra balancing, exploring Chinese medicine, embracing essential oils, & letting your spirit shine.

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My services, programs and blogs share how to best take care of yourself from a holistic, mind-body-spirit perspective so that you are empowered to heal yourself.

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Each day you will likely encounter someone who asks how you are doing.  But how are you REALLY?  Do you know?  Every now and then I've found it helpful to do a little personal inventory.  

Check out this post when I offer a checklist to keep your mind, body and spirit balanced.  


Many have a hard time forgiving because they feel that it means to approve of a perceived wrong doing. Holding on to resentment is heavy, hard and painful.  

In this post I share how to take steps to forgive and lighten your load.

I just picked up a couple of bunches of rainbow chard at the market and thought, why not make a rainbow dish?

With the cranberries and sausage, you sort of get a Thanksgiving feeling as the savory and sweet play well together.

Try out the recipe and let me know what you think.

Don't you just love Mediterreanean flavors?  I was looking for a dish that would give me lots of good protein with incredible flavors that I love.   So, I thew together a Mediterreanean quinoa recipe that is filling yet light at the same time... perfect for Summer.  

Check out the post for the ful recipe.

Low back and gluteal pain often has a mind-body correlation to financial stress.  It's helpful to work on stress levels while also getting physical treatment.

Check out this blog post on how to address your pain from a physical and mental/emotional perspective.

You don't necessarily need a Vitamix, Blendtec or fancy juicer to make a green drink.  There are great benefits to juicing and making green smoothies.  

Check out this blog post for a quick Green Drink 101 overview to get started with the green craze.


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