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Sweet potato soup is velvety, smooth, sweet and delicious.  My recipe is super simple and satisfying. 

Check it out and let it warm you on a chilly day.

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season... pass the peppermint bark and egg nog :) Many are watching their waist lines expand and will go into the new year 5 pounds heavier.

Check out this post as I share 7 simple tips to keep your waist line in check.

I claim triumphant success with this soup.  I was never really a fan of lentils, (unless in a wonderful Indian dish I'm still too intimidated to make) but this recipe has me stocking up on green lentils.  If you love a hearty soup that will make your taste buds so happy, you gotta try this recipe.

I had a dream.  This gem of a recipe literally came to me in my sleep.  Full of flavor, cheesy and 1/4 of the cheese a standard recipe calls for, I assure you this dish is SO GOOD!

What if you could boost your weight loss using tools that may already be in your kitchen cabinet?  I love flavorful food and knowing there are a few spices that will also kick up my metabolism is an added bonus.

Check out this video to find out which spices will rev up your weight loss.

There's a common theme I see in my practice with women who have contracted Herpes, HPV or other STI's (sexually transmitted infections): challenges with vulnerability and trust in romantic relationships. 

Read this post for a discussion on STI diagnoses and how they can shake up a person, mentally and emotionally. 


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