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Sometimes you want a break from the same ol' pasta.  Pesto is perfect because you can use it in all of the same ways you would a red sauce.  

I use it as a base to make pizza, over pasta, in eggs and spread on bread for sandwiches. 

Check out this post for an easy, delicious, dairy free basil pesto recipe.

Here's the thing… I really do feel that believing something wonderful is about to happen is a fundamental key to life.  Call it childlike, naiveté or realism, it's a way of being that keeps life interesting… because it works.  

Sweet potato soup is velvety, smooth, sweet and delicious.  My recipe is super simple and satisfying. 

Check it out and let it warm you on a chilly day.

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season... pass the peppermint bark and egg nog :) Many are watching their waist lines expand and will go into the new year 5 pounds heavier.

Check out this post as I share 7 simple tips to keep your waist line in check.

I claim triumphant success with this soup.  I was never really a fan of lentils, (unless in a wonderful Indian dish I'm still too intimidated to make) but this recipe has me stocking up on green lentils.  If you love a hearty soup that will make your taste buds so happy, you gotta try this recipe.

I had a dream.  This gem of a recipe literally came to me in my sleep.  Full of flavor, cheesy and 1/4 of the cheese a standard recipe calls for, I assure you this dish is SO GOOD!


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