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I get it... you love dairy and hate when anyone tells you to give it up. Today, I'm sharing a list of dairy alternatives. The options may take some getting used to but your insides may breathe a huge sign of relief.

Check out the list in the post and let me know what you think... 

Ever get home from a long day and need something really quick and easy to throw together for dinner?  I make this stir fry over glass noodles often.  My 3 year old loves slurping up the noodles and I'm always (admittedly) surprised by how well it comes out each and every time.  

Check out the recipe and let me know how you like it.

I was once so fearful of voicing my opinion...  I carried tension in my throat and had frequent strep throat, a recurring sore throat and neck tension.  

Knowing how to ask for what you want and how to communicate effectively is so essential for staying healthy, moving out stagnation and building the life YOU want to live.

Check out my video to find out the one thing you need to know to enhance your comminication.

Who doesn't love pizza? My family LOVES my homemade pizza pie.  

I usually make them on a Friday night and change up the toppings from week to week.  They're usually loaded with veggies and cooked on whole wheat dough.  I pack in the flavor and everyone goes bak for more. 

In this post I'm sharing my tried and true favorite pizza recipe.  


Each day you will likely encounter someone who asks how you are doing.  But how are you REALLY?  Do you know?  Every now and then I've found it helpful to do a little personal inventory.  

Check out this post when I offer a checklist to keep your mind, body and spirit balanced.  


Many have a hard time forgiving because they feel that it means to approve of a perceived wrong doing. Holding on to resentment is heavy, hard and painful.  

In this post I share how to take steps to forgive and lighten your load.


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