I believe that the path to wellness is through holistic healing.

I talk a lot about discovering how to feel great... balance... living your passion... yummy food... Chakras... Chinese Medicine... essential oils... alignment... fueling your body and letting your spirit shine.

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My intention is to help facilitate meaningful and positive transformation in your life.

Together we can make long lasting changes for your wellness! 

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In this post, I will share 5 effective grocery shopping tips for health and happy taste buds.  You will see that you really can get in and out of a market faster than you think. 

What to do about the seasonal sniffles?

As the temperature changes and we feel the crisp morning air, allergy sufferers are running to stock up on tissues. The variations between warm and cool are just enough to cause a major congestion for those with seasonal allergies.

I've enjoyed some pretty tasty broccoli soup in my day but I must admit that my recipe is the best I've had (not to bragg). 


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