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I talk a lot about living life to the fullest, natural remedies, yummy healthy recipes, Chakra balancing, exploring Chinese medicine, embracing essential oils, & letting your spirit shine.

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My services, programs and blogs share how to best take care of yourself from a holistic, mind-body-spirit perspective so that you are empowered to heal yourself.

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I've always dabbled in my current obsession but I went full blown mad about essential oils a year ago.  

Find out why in this post.

I can't keep this delicious smoothie recipe to myself!  It's one of those that makes me say, "Um, yum" when I'm drinking it, smile and do a little jig.

Check out this post for the recipe as well as insight on how it can boost your wellness.

I grew up on salmon patties.  I recently started making them again for my family since they offer great lean protein and are just as scrumptious as you want them to be.  I changed up my recipe a bit and added a few special herbs and spices.  

Check out this post for the recipe.

How we feel about who we are in the world impacts the way our body digests.  How we feel about ourselves and the self talk that goes on in our mind is part of our mental-emotional nutrition.

Are you feeding your gut well with both good food nutrition and a positive beliefs about your wonderful self? 

In this post I share how you ca start to address your digestive health from a new perspective to get to the root of your issues.

Sometimes you want a break from the same ol' pasta.  Pesto is perfect because you can use it in all of the same ways you would a red sauce.  

I use it as a base to make pizza, over pasta, in eggs and spread on bread for sandwiches. 

Check out this post for an easy, delicious, dairy free basil pesto recipe.

Here's the thing… I really do feel that believing something wonderful is about to happen is a fundamental key to life.  Call it childlike, naiveté or realism, it's a way of being that keeps life interesting… because it works.  


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