What to do when you have night sweats, hot flashes and a body that runs hot

What to do when you have night sweats, hot flashes and a body that runs hot

Here’s a little secret about me: I get sweaty at night. 

After my daughter was born and my period started back up again, I would wake up in a sweaty pool.  My husband was less than excited to roll over and feel damp sheets and an over heated wife. 

In this post I share how I manage over heating, naturally, Check it out.

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The Real Deal…Double Whammy of Feminine



Today it dawned on me that I am doubly female.

  I am carrying my first baby, a baby girl at that.  I feel like a walking estrogen ball…oozing pink, estrogen and all things round and curvy.  What does this mean to be doubly female?  I can tell you that it feels like mother Earth personified.  The urge to nurture, nest, move with rhythm, dance in the waves and be round and powerful about sums it up.  There are so many new emotions, new thoughts, new perspectives.  My second Chakra is pulsating with this creative gift from above.  There is an urge to pause and just be… feminine!

Unexpected Blessings



We think we have it all figured out.

An plan of action for the game of life and how we will play it is in full effect.  For a moment, we may even feel ahead of the curve with our blueprint in tact.  It’s funny how we act so surprised when we get thrown a curve ball causing impromptu changes to the well thought out plan. 

As if LIFE did not get the memo.

We are in a time when so much of the unexpected and unprecedented is happening in the world.  So much about life is not what happens, but how one responds to it.  Take a look at a few pointers below that may help you see the blessings in the unpredicted.

1)     Reflect on a time that you can remember a grand disappointment and how it gave you new insight, awareness and the start of an awesome experience.

2)     Imagine if your life really did go according to the self authored “master plan”.  What bullet where you able to dodge by letting fate and the powers that be cause interference?

3)     May your best friends, partner, new job, new found hobby or renewed sense of self have come from a chance situation?  I bet you never saw that one coming.  What joy have they brought to your world?  Are you happy with the new you?

4)     Our life perspective is often so small when compared to the grand potential we have that we may be unable to see.  It’s a good thing we are challenged to evolve and give rise to the bigger and better version of self.

5)    Life is about miracles and we can’t plan those!