6 self check questions to assess your holistic wellness

6 self check questions to assess your holistic wellness

It can be hard to know if you’re taking a whole person approach to wellness because often when in the throws of life we can be so “in it” that we don’t know what’s really throwing us off.

In this post, I share 6 questions you can ask yourself to assess your holistic wellness.

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The problem with Type A personalities and what to do about it

The problem with Type A personalities and what to do about it

If there is a friend who needs to move, a party to plan, or committee to chair, this person can’t help but raise a hand and say, "I'll do it!"  Meanwhile, the things-to-do list mounts.  But what happens to the life of the person who is everything to everyone?

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Your past does not have to be your future

(Originally posted at http://inneractive.com/blog/2012/12/your-past-does-not-have-to-be-your-future/) 


The amazing thing about life is that we always have the opportunity to see a new day.  

What happened yesterday has no bearing on what will happen in the present.

The only thing we bring with us as we travel forward through time our story about who we are or who we were told we were supposed to be.

We often hang on to other’s definition of who we are stemming from childhood or teenage years.

This characterization, while so out dated is familiar and we may wear it like a badge. We cling to what we know even if it does not serve us.

The challenge is to rewrite our story.

What happened in the past is the past. So, who are you now? What new foundation can you lay so that you move forward with security and safety?

Paint where you have come from in a positive light.

Challenges have only made you stronger and more appreciate of what others take for granted.

Highlight good times and moments you have felt all your needs being met. Feel where you want to go and know that you have support. Breathe in a fresh new perspective and move into your future feeling blessed with strength and resilience.


Peace Be Still


What if we lived each moment of each day truly content knowing that all is well?

The job that was lost, the deal that didn’t close, the hardship that doesn’t seem to end, all designed for us to get us closer to relying and trusting divine order. Hardships tests our endurance and development muscles where we must grow and get stronger to over come obstacles. 

It’s never about the “what” of a situation but instead the “who” we become on the journey.

Trusting that we are where we are meant to be per our soul agreement with the divine is the spiritual act of surrender so essential for well being. We have the opportunity to grow deeper in our connection with Spirit, to expand our listening and hear more clearly our guidance. It takes practice and commitment to this act in effort to experience an enlightened life.

Stress would be no more, for we would rest in the fact that all things have been perfectly placed in our lives to give birth to greater character.

If we could live intimately entangled with spirit, we would understand in each moment that we are okay.

What a concept! Then... we would really live and breathe, upon wake and at the close of each day, that all is well.