Is forgiveness a path to healing?

Many feel that to forgive means to approve of a perceived wrong doing. 

We've all experienced let downs and hurts when our expectations have not been fulfilled. Some hold on to resentment for years, feeling justified in their anger but exhausted by the memory of the past. 

Even if someone has intentionally caused pain or anguish, resentment harbored only negatively impacts that individual!  

Do you feel nervous, anxious, tightness in your chest, butterflies or anger when you think of someone you have not forgiven? If so, your body is experiencing stress that impacts your health.

It's hard but consider how your body could feel releasing the negative energy.  Perhaps finding inner peace is the focused intention so not to be off put by the word, forgiveness. 

A few questions for you... 

1) What does forgiveness mean to you? 

2) Do you have trouble with forgiveness? 

3) Have you ever felt physical tension when thinking of or faced with someone you resent and have not forgiven?

Work towards an internal resolution with "LAW".

1) Love yourself enough to not burden your body with negativity.  

2) Accept that your reality is not theirs. They may never see your point of view.

3) Write a letter to the person to get your resentment off your chest...then burn it as a sign of release. 

This is in effort to support your own self care, stress relief and wellness.  

I hope this gets you closer to arriving at the peace of mind you deserve.

Many blessings...