The problem with Type A personalities and what to do about it

I think we can all agree that any super hero has a Type A personality. Type A's can always be depended on to swoop in and save the day, right?  If there is a friend who needs to move, a party to plan, or committee to chair, this person can’t help but raise a hand and say, "I'll do it!"  Meanwhile, the things-to-do list mounts.

But what happens to the life and health of the person who is everything to everyone?

The problem with Type A personalities (and others who are constantly on the move) is that it really takes effort to remember to put one's self high on the priority list. This is not at all a selfish act,  but is, in fact,  necessary to stay healthy and balanced.

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Here are a few tips that will help keep the groove for the woman on the move.

1. Just say no.

     It’s okay to say no when your plate is full. You are not a bad, selfish, or non-helpful person.

2. Don’t compromise your health routine.

    Don’t compromise your work outs, meal times, sleep, grocery shopping, or budget allowance for wellness activities. This is very important!  If your wellness measures go, there goes your wellness.

3. Set boundaries.

     Establish how much you are willing to take on and stop when the limit is reached.

Super heroes need their strength. Don’t forget that you are a priority.  Stay well!



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