Embracing menstrual cycle mood swings

For some, there comes a time, let's say monthly when we may feel a bit out of sorts.  

Maybe we've noticed that we're extra sensitive, emotional or more easily frustrated and exhausted : /

During this time you may feel that your hormones are doing a number on you.  The good news: you're really not crazy (although you may feel that way). The bad news: you may have to undo something you did or said :)

The solution: learn to honor the ebb and flow of your hormone and menstrual cycle.

I have a rule to avoid making any major decisions in my marriage, relationships or business during "that time of the month"-- it has saved me.  If you feel like you want to make a big decision and announce your proclamation to the world please just wait a week and see how you feel then :)

From a holistic perspective, the menstural or hormone cycle is a beautiful time to introspect, rest, cleanse and rejuvinate.   If we feel like we are coming out of our skin or are more senstive than usual, it's the body's way of reminding us to go within and reflect.  

Here's a holistic perspective on the hormonal cycle for you to consider...


Heard of yin and yang? In Chinese medicine menstruation is a very "yin" time.  Yin is associated with nurturing and replinishing.  Yin is cooling, tranquil and calm.  Yang is active, it moves and it's hot.  It is best to avoid excessive yang activities during a yin time. Instead look at your cycle as being given biological permission to sit your butt down somewhere and read a book, visit a beautiful scenic park or beach, set intentions for the next 21 day cycle ahead or just be quiet.


As women, we are all divine goddesses (though many of us forget).  We posess the sacred power of the feminine and that is to graciously receive and stand in the power we possess that can transform the world.  There is no need to force anything to happen or force reign. Know that your power simply exists by you existing.

Are you treating yourself like a goddess and acting as though you are?  Remember, if something does not jive with you in this light you may have to let it go.  What frustrates you gives you the opportunity to review it, meditate or pray and then transform if necessary.   

I often pull the goddess, Maeve from Doreen Virtue's deck of Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.  She minds me that all of life has cycles and rhythms and to make time to rest.  

I hope you've enjoyed this post.  After chatting with a girlfriend about how we feel during the more sensitive times of our cycle, I had to post this ;)