My personal journey with FIBROIDS and the committment I had to make to MYSELF to heal

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids at 22 years of age and learned that the western community understands little about the condition. 


What is known is that they may cause menstural cramps, or may not; they may cause heavy bleeding, or may not; they may require a hysterectomy, or may not.  

Excess estrogen, progesterone deficiency and poor sugar (glucose) handling are all theorized causes.

What worked best for me was changing my diet (eliminating white flour and sugar products) and committing to exercise.  I then started to see my personal symptoms of heavy flow, low energy and irritability improve.  I also got acupuncture (before I studied it) which greatly regulated my hormone cycle/period.  Nevertheless, I wanted to go a step further.

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I came across information about gynecological health and the 2nd Chakra.  I learned right away that Chakras deal with energetic, mental and/or emotional imbalances at particular power centers of the body.  The 2nd Chakra deals with issues of inter-personal/one-on-one relationships, creativity, sexuality and pleasure.  It is the Yin center for women and the home of receptivity.  I began to explore the role and significance of each of these life aspects. 

I reflected on the following:

  • Do I allow myself to receive?
  • Do I need to be in control?
  • Why do I run into the same hiccups in romantic relationships?
  • How do I perceive my own sexuality?
  • Do I allow my creativity to develop?
  • How do I manage boundaries? 
  • How do I compensate for lack of fullfilment in my life? 

Chakras provide the opportunity for deep healing, introspection and insight.  Illness is the body trying to give a message that a lifestyle change is order.  

From a holistic perspective, wellness is not possible without instituting balance nutritionally and physically as well as mentally/emotionally/energetically and spiritually.

I will admit that I am a work in progress.  But, I understand that I hold stress in my 2nd Chakra when I revert back to old ways of thinking and acting.  Why not take the opportunity to become a holistically healthy person. 

I hope this inspires others to committ to true balance and deeper healing when the solutions they have arried at don't seem to be enough. 



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