How to maintain positivity during uncertain times

Holy crap!  What a Mr. Toad's (that's a jerky twisty, turny ride at Disneyland) wild ride of a time we've had over the last months and especially the last week. You can run and try to hide but the impact of the recent Presidential election in the U.S. has been so emotionally charged, you'd have to live under a rock to not notice how it's effected so many.


Some are excited about a new approach to politics.

Whether you feel good about the results or are grieving and in despair, you'd have to agree that we are very divided in our country... and honestly have been for a while.  

A revolution for change is not going to appear the way you think it would nor is change easy.  The good thing is that 9 days post election, it appears that many have finally woken up. 

There are bound to be feelings of uncertainty

For years, I've used a practice commonly referred to as a Bubble of Light prayer.  I recently shared how I use it at a workshop I hosted and it appeared to be much needed and very helpful. 

If you're stressed, feeling off, scared, left scratching your head or feeling like your walking on shaky ground, this will help.  Watch the video above to active your bubble of light for protection and peace and by all means, share with a friend.

Until next time...