4 tips to naturally and holistically support autoimmune conditions

It was after my daughter was born that I felt worse than I ever have.  Was it lack of sleep, lack of food, lack of personal time, c-section recovery, mommy blues? Yes! It was all of theses and more.  I realized that I was also dealing with the autoimmune condition, psoriasis likely triggered by the aforementioned lifestyle changes.

It's estimated by the National Institute of Health (NIH) that more than 23.5 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease. The American Autoimmune Related Disease Association estimates that this number is more like 50 million because it includes about 75% more disorders that don't have epidemiological studies.  

Bottom line, you and most of the people you know likely have an autoimmune condition or will have one.    

There are a number of theories around the cause of autoimmune conditions such as genetics, environment, women of childbearing age and people with certain ethnic backgrounds.  

There are also theories from the natural healing world that also link the trigger of autoimmune disease to poor balance of the digestive system flora (dysbiosis) and food allergies with poor lifestyle management.  

In my case, I can see how all of the proposed causes may have contributed to the onset of my psoriasis. 

An autoimmune response occurs when the body perceives a part of itself as a foreign invader and triggers an immune response to attack it.  Most conditions are known by the area of the body it attacks.  

For example, eczema=skin; rheumatoid arthritis=synovial joints particularly in the hands and feet; lupus=internal organs; multiple sclerosis=myelin sheath of the nerves; psoriasis= skin and joints; Hashimoto's and Grave's=thyroid; celiac= cilia of the intestines, etc...

What I feel is of upmost importance is to understand that taking a holistic approach is essential. Life can be severely impacted and we all want to aim for the highest quality of life possible.

In my video, I share 4 tips to supporting autoimmune conditions holistically and naturally. Some may seem simple but let me tell you, they can make a TREMENDOUS difference.

I hope you enjoy the video....

Until next time...

Many blessings,