Let it go! Fall wellness tips

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There's a chill in the air, the breeze is crisp and the days are growing shorter.  It’s Fall. 

Fall is a time for release. 

Fall is a time for harvest.

Fall is the time to prepare for cooler months and even shorter days.

In Chinese Medicine, there are yin-yang pairs of organs that correspond to each season.  The lungs (yin) and the large intestine (yang) belong to the Fall season.  

The lungs can be vulnerable to increasing Fall winds making colds easy to catch. 

For many, chronic cough kicks in during this season as well as allergies and the flu. Our respiratory organs want to be clear from any excess mucus so they can help support wellness during the transition between the more extreme Summer heat and Winter cold.  Carrying a jacket or scarf to protect from the cooler mornings and evenings as well as a warm mug of tea will help keep you well.  A great basic tea is the tried and true lemon and raw honey or fresh ginger and raw honey.   

The large intestine is our elimination organ. To release what is unneeded is to be light and focused on only that which serves the body.  

Tune into your body and make sure you're regularly eliminating, not just stool but clean out closets, purses, drawers cabinets and excess files and emails.

Essentially get rid of the old crap. 

It’s the beginning of the yin time of year.  Introspection, drawing inward and wanting a slower quieter pace is natural.  This is a good time to reflect on previous months in the year and shift intention after some meditation to receive guidance on what’s needed to take you to where you need to be.

In the chakra system, the lungs belong to the heart chakra (4th power center) and the large intestine, the root (1st power center).  

Letting go and releasing that which does not serve you is the name of the game! Forgiveness is an attribute of the heart center.  There may be a natural urge to release any stored resentment or negativity and work into more self love and compassion to feel lighter.  

All your basic needs being met is an attribute of the root chakra.  As we prepare for Winter, our body’s naturally want to ensure preparation to endure a season where we are more still. 

Spending some extra attention on securing your foundation is natural during this season. Furthermore, strengthening the body’s protective forces by boosting the immune system is helpful.  It's a good idea to go to bed earlier with the shorter day and get proper rest as this time of year gets busy. 

We celebrate the Fall with harvest and enjoy the efforts from the Spring and Summer. Below you'll find a list of foods (some which are in their best season) to support wellness:

Consider Incorporating more…

  • Sour foods help to balance the gut flora and support digestive health- sauerkraut, grapefruit, pickles, yogurt, sour apples and grapes
  • Moistening foods to prevent dryness of the lung that may occur with dry cough- Asian pear, apple, millet, cooked honey, tofu, tempeh, spinach
  • Eliminating foods to help passage through the large intestine- oats, parsnips, rutabaga, apples, pears, water, 
  • Immune support- echinacea, vitamin c, pomegranate, tangerines


  • Mucus forming foods- excess dairy, heavy fatty meats

Living holistically with the season's is the way indigenous people have thrived for years. Enjoy the Fall season and let your health shine.