How to stay healthy amidst stress and uncertainty

I’m back folks!  I took an extended break from blogging and wow, so much has gone on in the world.  If you’re like me there’ve been times you’ve wanted to hide in a cave, other times you’ve wanted to cry with your head in your hands, and moments you’ve just stared into space in disbelief wondering, “where am I?” and “is this real life?”.

Admittedly, at times I haven’t known what to focus on.  CNN and the news can be a rabbit hole of doom and social media has it’s moments as well. One minute I’m concerned about North Korea and the next I’m wondering if I should have a salad for lunch and dinner.  Or, I’ll be reflecting on the past year’s civil injustices but then switch thoughts to the best way to work off a few more pounds.  What the heck! Do these thoughts even go together?  

Yes, in fact they do! 

After thinking that I must be the weirdest person on the planet, I remembered that I am the only thing I can control.  

The health and vitality of our mind, body and spirit must be thought of as precious gems that need to be nurtured and cared for- especially during times of stress!

It’s easy to get down and have a pity party worthy of a chocolate lovers fantasy. However, if we think of personal wellness as an integral and personal move towards activism, we can be empowered by chaos instead of overwhelmed by it. 

For me, standing up for my rights means to beat health statistics and trends, remain positive, stay educated but not manipulated and feel fueled by possibility.  My spiritual birthright is to over come and thrive.  My body demands, requires and deserves physical exercise, whole food nutrition, rest, love and care.  

So does, yours!

We are blessed with personal will and personal power. This is an attribute of the body’s core power center or 3rd (solar plexus) chakra.  This area relates to digestion, blood sugar management and detox.

You may ask yourself the following questions during this time to assess your core center:

  1. How am I digesting the information available to me? Is it providing the fuel I need and serving my highest good?
  2. Am I craving more sweetness in my life? Is chocolate the great escape or do do I just need some verbal reassurance to strengthen my confidence?
  3. What is my process for releasing and detoxing the noise and toxins around me? 

Feeling self assured and courageous in the face of fear and worry is a way to be empowered and healthy.  

Take the time to keep your wellness strong.