Enhance sleep and relaxation by adding detox baths to your self care routine

Who else needs more zen time?  What if you could have zen time plus the bonus of relaxed muscles, better digestion, detox and sleep?  

I was recently reflecting on a time when I felt really good... really, really good, actually.  It was 2006 and I was working with a life coach.  She recommended that I go on a cleanse of which I was to take a detoxing, epsom salt bath and soak for about 45 min, at least once per week.

I’ll admit that I’m not the hugest fan of baths.  I love the idea of them but staying still in a tub full of water just doesn’t really appeal to me.  I’m an Earth sign after all.  Nevertheless, I was willing to jump in the bath for health purposes.

Let me tell you, I felt amazing after making this a regular routine.  In this video I share  a few reasons why hot baths and epsom salts worked for me.  PLUS, you can create you own in home spa experience that takes it up a notch!