Why skipping breakfast is a no-no


Are you skipping out on all the deliciousness that breakfast can be?

You don't have to have a muffin but you really do need to fuel your body with nutrition at the start of the day.

Skipping breakfast and not eating for lengths of time is counter productive to health and weight loss. 

If you eat dinner at 7p and skip breakfast the next morning not eating until after 11a, you have gone 16 hours with out food.  That’s over half a day!  It takes fuel to keep your cells healthy and your body moving.  When you go without food for a long time your body prepares for famine, slowing your metabolism.  

The best way to get the most out of food and your metabolism is to eat every 2-3 hours.

Don't have time?  Make a protein shake, have a snack bar or at least grab a healthy handful of something to give your body nutrients to work with. 

Eating small meals at predictable intervals offers regular nutrients and food fuel for your body. This stimulates the metabolism and allows fat to be released.

You may be wondering if the way to go is to have 5-6 meals a day and the answer is yes and no. You should not have 5-6 full size meals but rather smaller potions of nutrient dense food where you eat to 2/3 fullness. Most people over eat with “American sized” portions that are super sized. Try sticking to a palm size portion or smaller, just enough to satisfy and not enough to stuff.

This is one of the reasons why my Shed the Pounds program is so effective.  The guidelines recommend that you eat or have a shake 3 times a day with snacks in between at the start of the program.  As you decrease the number of shakes as the program goes on it is still recommended to eat at regular intervals. That means you are eating something every 3 hours or so.

If you skip meals and are having a hard time losing weight, check out my video on why you may not be losing weight.

Hope you've enjoyed this post.


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