Why I started using essential oils

It's been about a year that I've been an addict.  

I've always dabbled in my current obsession but I went full blown mad over essential oils about a year ago.  In the past, I used essential oils in my practice for mind-body/Chakra balancing. While patients lay with needles during an acupuncture session, on occasion and when needed I've provided aromatherapy to aid in resetting and balancing the body.

I started using essential oils more seriously in my home in December of 2013.  My daughter had a cold she just could not kick.  As a natural health care practitioner, I was so frustrated that I could not get her well with my usual garlic/honey/Chinese herbs/vitamin & mineral approach.  I needed something different.  I reached out to a fellow mom who had used essential oils for 8 years to keep her family of 5 (3 children) healthy.  I ordered a kit of oils and started using them on my daughter (diffusing with an ultra sonic diffuser).  Within days she was better and within a week the cough was gone.  

So what's so special and unique about essential oils?

Essential oils are the life blood of a plant.  When a plant goes through stress, it produces it's best oils to keep it thriving.  Essential oil possess healing properties unique to each part and species of plant.  When we use the essential oil, we benefit from the plants healing properties. (More on how essential oils work)

I used to use Chinese herbs, exclusively. Parts of plants are boiled or processed to extract the healing properties of the herb.  They are very effective and I still them.  I love essential oils because they are very concentrated and a little bit goes a very long way as they compare to Chinese herbs.  

Now keep in mind that I am only referring to 100% pure essential oils where only the essential oil itself is in the bottle.  There are many brands that use synthetic agents in their oils. A company only has to have 10% of the essential oil in the bottle that is pure to be labeled 100% pure- it can be very tricky.  Those oils may be beneficial for making scented candles and such but not for offering heath benefits as they are adulterated.  For example, when using lavender essential oil you should find lavandula angustifollia as the scientific name on the bottle. Many companies use lavandin which is a hybrid of lavender therefore possessing different characteristics and wellness attributes.   

I exclusively use Young Living's essential oils because I trust their quality and purity.

They've been around for over 20 years with a remarkable track record.  Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Grecians and the Chinese all used essential oils thousands of years ago.  There is certainly something very special to them in supporting emotional, mental and physical wellness.   

I love essential oils becaues they are fast acting and very effective.  When pure and used correctly, there are no side effects and can be used to help with multiple issues. My household has benefited from the introduction of oils in ways that are intriguing and facinating.  I will be an oil lover for life.

If you have any interest in learning more about essential oils you can visit my seperate site where myself and a group of passionate oil users post how we use our oils on a regular basis.  Check out, www.ChicsWithCommonScents.com and sign on to receive our 5 favorite essential oil combo's to help with weight loss, headache management, wrinkles, sleep and pain.  Feel free to message me for any questions or concerns. Click HERE to see how I recommend getting started with essential oils.  Click HERE to purchase.

Until next time,