How to stop feeling lonely and connect with your tribe

I live in the city of Angeles.  It’s a place where hundreds of people flock to on a daily basis.  Joining the steady growing population of those seeking more sunshine, ocean breezes and the realization of dreams can make this crowded city feel like it's lacking in community.  It can be hard to establish a foundation and feel grounded. 

I know lots of dreamers (it takes one to know one), many here in Los Angeles but also across the globe.  The thing about dreamers, visionaries or those who chose to live life according to their own terms is an occasional feeling of loneliness.  One's personal set up... may not look traditional.  Living out of the box can feel isolating because it's not the norm.   

Have you ever said, “Does anyone out there get me? View the world the same way I do? Understand how I feel? Where is my tribe? Where are my people!?"

Why do I feel so alone in a sea of people.

The root power center (or chakra) essentially relates to foundational connectedness.  The bonding that occurs when someone just gets you and your vibbing. The feeling is unmistakable and it feels like your home when it happens. 

Today I’m sharing 9 tips to kick out the lonely and connect with your tribe.

1) Think about and visualize the type of community you'd like to be part of

2) Get out and be vulnerable in sharing who you really are

3) Follow up on connections made that seem to be authentic and in alignment with what you are looking for.

4) Join spiritual centers that share the same belief structure you hold dear to you.

5) Take advantage of meet up's.

6) Be comfortable with being alone.  Looking for someone to complete you will add unneeded pressure to a budding relationship.

7) Don't take it personal if you haven't yet gelled with a new group.  Timing is everything.

8) Be true to yourself and what you are interested in at this phase of your life.

9) Host events and gatherings.  Don't always wait for someone else invitation. 

We need this to feel like a bigger part of the whole and to build upon a shared level of consciousness. Connecting with others creates family. Connecting builds your tribe and we need more positive groups of people who's meer presence can change our world for the better.

Now get out there with your authentically wonderful self and join your tribe! ;)

So many blessings...