Dr. Lisa's Regional Soft Tissue Release

Regional Soft Tissue Relief (RSTR), is a technique I developed that blends Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine soft tissue healing.

It is a therapeutic treatment aimed to restore full range of motion, release muscle “knots” and stiffness and relieve pain. Treatment tools may include Chinese Medicine style massage (Tui-Na), acupressure *cupping, *gua sha (a technique used to release fascia), and/or post isometric stretching.

RSTR is excellent for treatment of:

  • neck and low back pains
  • shoulder pain/stiffness
  • general joint stiffness
  • restricted range of motion of any joint
  • headaches
  • stress
  • scoliosis
  • carpal tunnel
  • numbness and tingling in hands or feet

Repetitive over use at work or while engaged in a hobby, injury or trauma can impact the soft tissues (ligaments, fascia, joints and muscles).

When a muscle or ligament experiences a strain, the body attempts to heal the injured site by depositing a fibrous “band-aid” over the area. Over time, this hard fibrous material can become pain sensitive, restrict range of motion and cause weakening of a muscle. Where one muscles is weak another has to compensate and work extra hard. It is best to prevent a chain reaction of compensation by addressing soft tissue injury as early as you can.