Healthy snack ideas

Since I'm often talking about traditional Chinese medicine nutrition to help balance and support wellness, I'm often asked for healthy snack ideas.  What works for you will largely depend on your body's constitution, needs and preferences.  Where it may be helpful to sort this out with a wellness practitioner, you can also tune in to what you feel your body needs.

I don't think of myself as a snacker but over the years I have found myself needing a nibble of something every few hours.  Nothing big, I just like to prevent getting "h-angry". Now if you're the type to never get hungry you may want to approach this from a different position.  Food is fuel for your body and you can't expect optimal output without input.  It's like asking your car to run on fumes and not gas.  You might consider looking into why you don't feel the sensation of hunger with a wellness specialist.  

Eating is necessary for life.  The quantity and type can range but the fact is that well all need to eat.  In this video, I share some of my favorite, easy go-to healthy snacks. 

Check out my video.

A heads up for you... It may take some time to get in a groove to turn to healthy snacks instead of quick, junk convenience foods or just not eating at all.  If you have an idea of a few healthy option and can plan ahead it helps to stay on track. You can manage weight, energy and health by determining which are healthy and satisfying.

Some of my favorites are:

Hummus or guacamole with falafel or veggies

Healthy snack bars (with minimal ingredients): Elemental, Standard Process, GoMacro


...check out the video for more.

Until next time.