Why you need vitamin C and what foods to get it from

If you're like me you started taking vitamin c tablets at an early age.  Having vitamin C is a nostalgic experience as I remember loving the sour, tart taste of the wafers as a kid.  I just knew that if I was feeling sniffly, my mom would give me some vitamin C.  

As adults, I think most of us default to old habits without knowing why.  Do you run to vitamin C when feeling a cold coming on like I do?  In this post I share a bunch of other ways vitamin C can benefit you that relate to anti aging plus a list of whole food sources. 

Most of us know that oranges are a great source of vitamin C but there is a robust list of foods to consider. Some of them are:







If citrus or supplements aren't your thing, you can definitely get vitamin C from a range of fruit and veggies.

Make sure to check out the video to see why vitamin c is so great for your body.

Until next time.... 

Many blessings!