Boost your qi and amplify your self care with chakras

(You can skip to 5:15 where we get started and/or 21:35 for my best tips....)

I hear it all of the time: “I’ve tried everything”, "I’ve been to everyone", "I’ve traveled far and wide”. These are some of the many remarks I hear when people end up in my office after trying the most obvious and traditional steps to alleviate their wellness issues.  Of course, I support efforts that explore the conventional. I’m also in favor of what's most effective with the least amount of sacrifice. But when you’ve run into a wall it’s time to explore other options (that are safe and within reason obviously).

Eastern medicine helped me understand so much more about my body than any other approach. 

Years ago, I worked as a front desk coordinator (i.e. receptionist) at a popular day spa in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It was there that I discovered Acupuncture, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, and Chiropractic amongst other modalities.  Why hadn’t I heard of these disciplines before?  Why hadn’t I tried them?  Why did they seem so taboo?  Have you ever wondered this?  

Since then I’ve clearly jumped head first into alternative medicine and I have a couple amazing friends who I can talk shop with. 

Last Friday I had to absolute pleasure of joining a Facebook Live interview with one of my BFFs since we were itty bitty kids, Dr. Michele Reid.  She’s an awesome health coach and fitness expert and she wanted me to share some Eastern medicine insights and chakra basics.  

The video is ready for you to watch (or re-watch if you saw it live). It gives some of my best mind-body-spirit tips and answers many of the basic questions I get in my practice all of the time.  You’ll hear my go-to action steps to help boost energy, experience balanced hormones and more

Check out the video and let me know what you think ;)