DIY Natural Homemade Deodorant (with essential oils)

I'm new to the DIY homemade product world

I've always dreamed of opening my cabinets to find all my very own homemade items.  

I can't tell you why I feel that way (my mom thinks I'm strange) but it may have to do with the fact that as a child I was encouraged to prepare all food dishes from scratch, so I'm naturally interested in playing with recipes.  

Anyhow, I recently ran out of deodorant and thought, "hey, it should be easy enough to just make some", so I did.  

It took all of 5 minutes or so to prepare.

Here's what I did...

You will need a clean old deodorant dispenser. I used one that I just finished and washed it thoroughly.


1/2 c corn starch

1/2c baking soda

1/3c coconut oil

About 7 drops of your favorite pure essential oil(s). Lavender and Thieves by Young Living are great options individually or combined.  I use Young Living for it's purity.


1) Mix all ingredients with the exception of the essential oils on low heat in a pan.

2) Once combined remove from heat.

3) Let cool down.  The mixture should not cool till it hardens and may still be warm to hot to the touch.  

4) Add your favorite essential oils.

5) Carefully pour the mixture in a glass measuring cup with lip to then transfer and pour into the deodorant dispenser with the plastic plate all the way down.  You may also pour the mixture from the pan into the dispenser with a funnel.

6)  Once filled, allow deodorant to cool and harden completly.   Placing it in the fridge is a great way to ensure that the deodorant forms well.

7) Take out and enjoy!

*A few important notes- 1) Since coconut oil liquifies in warm temperatures, be mindful that the deodorant may be very loose in the dispenser in warm climates; 2) This is not an anti-persperant.  You will still sweat; 3) If you have strong body ordor consider that something in your diet may be contributing to your body ordor.  

Voila, the finished product!  

Hope you enjoyed this post!