A checklist for mind, body, spirit balance


Every now and then I've found it extremely helpful to do a little personal inventory.  Life just seems to flow much better when mind, body and spirit are aligned.  I'm sharing an exercise that's been super helpful in organizing my self-improvement efforts.  Take a few moments to do a little personal inventory so you know exactly where you need to shine that light inward.  

Make the necessary changes to live a more fulfilled life.   

1)  Do you pay attention to your body's signs and symptoms?

2)  How do you spend time alone?

3)  How often do you stop to give thanks and gratitude?

4)  Do you compare your life to other's?

5)  Do you spend money on things that speak to your soul?

6)  Do you say kind things about the person you see when you look in the mirror each morning?

7)  Have you figured out a way to manage "relationships that need some work" in your life?

8)  Do you have a faith in something bigger than you?

9)  What do you do to strengthen your relationship with your spouse/partner/friends/kids/parents?

10)  How many hours a week do you spend on social media, the computer, phone or TV?

Now for the fun part.... you get to decide the changes you will make to usher in a more fulfilling life to enjoy.

I hope this was helpful for you....