Simple alternatives for salty-sweet cravings

Does this sound familiar?

You've  been dreaming about that sweet mocha frappe all day.... or is it ice cream, a box of candy, a cookie, or a huge yogurt with ALL the toppings (and you know which toppings I’m talking about)? 

You break down around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and give in to the sweet craving monster.  Happy but suddenly feeling regretful, you know you really didn’t need the treat.  

Then around 6 o’clock in the evening, you really want potato chips.  But it doesn’t have to be potato chips, you just want something salty.  You head to the pantry looking for something that will satisfy your desire and come across the bag you thought you threw away.  Perfect!  Originally thinking you will just have a few, a half hour later you look down at the bag of chips to find that it is half eaten. The same feeling of regret that you had earlier in the day returns.

Making better food choices just requires some planning. 

Below, I’ve provided a few healthy snack options to arm yourself with so you will be ready for the salty, sweet snack attack.  


Salty Sweet Chart.jpg

Happy snacking ;) 


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