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What to do about the seasonal sniffles?

(Originally posted for, by Dr. Lisa Upshaw)

(Originally posted for, by Dr. Lisa Upshaw)

As the temperature changes and flowers are blooming, allergy sufferers are running to stock up on tissues.

The variations between warm and cool are just enough to cause major congestion for those with seasonal allergies. Not to mention the pollen flying around from a rather wet Winter- folks are starting to feel that Spring has sprung in their sinuses.

There are a few preventative steps to decrease the intensity of symptoms such as mucus production, frequency of sneezing and sinus pressure.  

Check out the following tips:

  • Decrease and/or eliminate dairy, sugar and gluten (may increase allergic response and increases mucous production)

  • Boil a pot of water to produce steam.  Stand over the warm pot and inhale the warm air which will help loosen mucus. Be careful to not burn yourself while breathing in the warm steam.  

  • Use a combination of 100% pure lavender, lemon and peppermint essentail oils (I like Young Living).  You may also add a blend called Thieves or Purification.  Add to an air diffuser or mix a few drops of each in fractioned coconut oil and apply to the back of the neck, feet or chest.  

  • If you feel a sinus infection coming on regularly sip 1/4c Apple Cider Vinegar in 16oz of water (room temp or warm). This may help thin mucus.

  • Boiling this concoction to drink after straining larger pieces of herbs: 1 large cup of water, 1 clove, 1, 1/2 inch portion of fresh ginger root, 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1 tbsp raw honey (Manuka if possible)

  • Add cayenne to your food

  • Use a warm compress on your head.

  • Clear your head and clear your thoughts. Sometimes congestion equals confusion.

  • Get acupuncture to help relieve allergy symptoms. It’s been proven to be very effective.

Hope this help!  

You are welcome to contact me for any questions, to set up an acupuncture appointment or for interest in allergy relieving products.