Initial Visit

(Pre-requisite for all treatment options)


75 minutes- $175

(You may submit PPO health insurance information here for verification of acupuncture benefits)

The best way to gain a thorough understanding of your health and establish goals. Session includes history taking and physical exam, range of motion evaluation, Chinese medicine consultation, nutritional evaluation, brief Chakra assessment and abbreviated acupuncture treatment.


60 minutes- $95-110

(Discounted cash rates based on frequency of visits and insurance billing)

Very fine needles which are virtually painless are inserted into acupuncture points. Signals are then sent to the brain for endorphin release, the stimulation of blood flow and the balance of the body’s vital energy called Qi (“chee”).  Chakra balancing, *Cupping, *gua sha, tui na (Chinese medicine style massage) or electrical-stim may also be applied in session as needed. 

The practice of acupuncture is over 5,000 years old.  There must be something to it, right?  It's been used for everything from body pain to digestive issues to migraines and so much more.  

**For info on acupuncture, click here

Chakra Balancing with Acupuncture

60 minutes- $150

30 minutes- $85

Gem stones, essential oils, affirmations and acupuncture are used to align and balance the 7 main Chakras.

**For info on chakras, click here

Traditional Chinese Medicine Based Nutrition

60 minutes- $150

30 minutes- $75

Custom nutritional supplement protocol assignment for specific health goals.  Nutrition Response Testing and blood work evaluation may be applied. 

This is an essential session for almost any symptom.  How we fuel our body determines it's output. Nutrition modification is almost always needed and provides for profound health transformation. 

**For more of the benefits of nutritional supplements, check out my vlog on youtube

Acupressure/Regional Soft Tissue Release (RSTR)

30 minutes- $75

A therapeutic treatment designed to restore full range of motion, release “knots” and stiffness and relieve pain. Treatment may include tui-na (Traditional Chinese medicine style massage), acupressure *cupping, *gua sha (a technique used to release fascia), joint mobilization and/or post isometric stretching.

RSTR is perfect for someone who needs focused work on a specific joint or area of the body.  With repetitive over use as a common cause of physical injury, it's ideal for the office worker, mountain biker or mom/dad shlepping around kids. 

 *Cupping promotes the circulation of fresh nutrient rich blood in the area while flushing out old stagnant blood from an injury site.  Dark purple or red spots may be left where the suction has been applied.

*Gua Sha is applied using a smooth comb like devise (with no teeth).  In some cases, redness or purple marks may result over the area where Gua Sha is applied. 

**For more info RSTR, click here

Virtual Skype/Face Time Session/Phone Session

60 min- $150

30 min- $75

A great way to establish wellness goals if unable to visit in person. Session includes Chinese medicine consultation, nutritional evaluation, brief Chakra evaluation.

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