4 essential factors to consider when battling low energy and fatigue

I felt glued to the couch. My mind wanted me to move but my body couldn't follow orders. A 10 minute rest turned into sleep and couch lock.  You know that feeling upon waking where you just can't move?  I was exhausted but hadn't really done anything to warrant that level of feeling bone tired.

Have you ever felt like this?

Fatigue plagued many of my days for years.  I expected to feel sleep deprived while my daughter was an infant and toddler.  She wasn't a great sleeper and would often wake me up in the middle of the night through the age of 4.  However as she approached 5 years old she was sleeping better and so was I but I was still tired ALL OF THE TIME.

I had to figure out what was wrong.  I've always lead a healthy life style but something was off.  Was it my hormones? An illness?  Was I missing deep REM sleep?  

There are lots of reasons for low energy and what I share in this post are just a few to consider.  If you've had prolonged fatigue I suggest you see your health care provide to rule out a serious condition.  

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Thank you and many blessings...