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I talk a lot about living life to the fullest, natural remedies, yummy healthy recipes, Chakra balancing, exploring Chinese medicine, embracing essential oils, & letting your spirit shine.

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My services, programs and blogs share how to best take care of yourself from a holistic, mind-body-spirit perspective so that you are empowered to heal yourself.

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Getting good sleep is just as valuable as a good bowel movement but folks are struggling these days. Your body rejuvenates and heals during nighttime rest. It’s important to make sure you’re setting yourself up for quality sleep.

Check out this post to solidify your nighttime ritual to prepare you for fantastic sleep.

A close elder family friend once shared with me his keys to happiness. He said, “Lisa, there are a few essential pleasures in life: 1- Good sleep… 2- A peaceful environment 3- A GOOD CRAP”. 

If you’re backed up and missing out on #3, check out this post for my top 4 natural remedies.

True or false? When health impacts your potential for success you start to get serious about making wellness a priority.

Check out this post and see how you can refocus your wellness efforts.

Like most, I tend to prepare the same 5 or 6 meals in regular rotation and it’s easy to get bored of eating the same thing all the time.

In this post, I share how I keep it interesting in the kitchen and spice up my food to avoid boredom.

Check out my video.

I felt glued to the couch. My mind wanted me to move but my body wouldn't follow orders.  I laid down for what was supposed to be 10 minutes but fell asleep.  Upon waking, my limbs felt like heavy weights.  Exhaustion! But I hadn't really done anything to warrant that level of being bone tired. I just woke up.

Have you ever felt like this? Check out this post for 4 key factors to consider in battling low energy and fatigue.

 I can’t believe I haven’t shared these with you.  A friend was asking if I had a good pancake recipe and I though, of course it’s on my blog.  But then looked and found that it was super outdated.  I’ve since changed up my ingredients and had to share this with you.  

Check out this post for the new recipe.


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