Why is it so hard to accept that we deserve the same love and attention we so willingly give others?

So many of us are looking for love in all the wrong places!  We accept less than we deserve and work tirelessly for others .  


Many of us resent the fact that we don’t feel taken care of and ironically don’t make the time to take care of ourselves. We want our partner to fill our love tank or a baby to give us unconditional love.

Life becomes a perpetual excuse of never having the time to do the things we love... the things that fill our love tank.  Something as simple as making the time to do yoga, reading the book on the shelf that’s collected dust, going for a run, connecting with friends, stopping to eat a warm meal, booking that trip, going to the nail salon or even buying new underwear seems to be daunting amidst the never ending list of things to do.  


what are we, chopped liver?

It’s time to make a change, or do a little experiment if you will.


I created this challenge because the neglect of caring for self is an epidemic and it has to stop (ok, maybe not a true epidemic but you know what I mean)!  But truly, I see many wellness issues in my practice related to the inability of patients to just take care of themselves and exercise some regular self love. 

For 10 days I challenge you to do something for yourself that makes you happy, fills your love tank and restores your energy...  

After the FREE sign up, starting February 14, 2015 for 10 days you will receive a loving, motivational email with a self love challenge action step.  You will also be asked to check in to our private Self Love Challenge, Facebook Forum to share what you have done for the day, stay accountable and cheer others on!  Doesn’t that sounds like fun?

Get ready to make this love day season all about you (and I know some of you cringed at that thought)!