"What is Eastern Medicine?" + 3 things you should know about it to enhance your health

Check out my Facebook Live video where I share about Eastern medicine and how it can help you!

Check out my Facebook Live video where I share about Eastern medicine and how it can help you!

Quite often when a patient lands on my table for treatment they curiously ask how it all works and what exactly I do. I chuckle because I’m reminded that although acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine are much more common these days many aren’t really sure what Eastern medicine is.  Most seem to know that it falls under the alternative medicine umbrella but what does that mean, really?

I define Eastern medicine as a system that treats people who experience a lack of balance in their bodies and life. Eastern medicine dates back to the B.C. era, having been fine tuned for thousands of years. 

Working with universal concepts, everything effects everything and everything is relevant in Eastern philosophy.  Nature, food, the environment, community and spiritual practice all make up important segments of vitality in a persons life. 

The holistic approach is implicit in Eastern medicine.  Mind, body and spirit are always considered.  There is never a separation of the individual from the whole.

Balance is essential! Homeostasis is health- too much of one thing or too little of something else = dis-ease.  If we can start to look at poor health as truly something that has fallen out of ease, we can catch many conditions before they become severe. 

There are 3 huge benefits that come along with embracing Eastern medicine/philosophy:

  1. You get to experience profound insights..  You’ll notice that when you work with a holistic health practitioner they help you connect the dots between lifestyle and health.  Most undergo a total life shift as you can’t really stay the same to achieve optimal results.  This is an incredible benefit! 
  2. You can find an array of Eastern medicine modalities to help you achieve your wellness goals. Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Reiki, Shamanism, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Chakra balancing and more may be a great addition to your maintenance regimen. 
  3. Curb familial patterns of die-ase.  Share your holistic approach with family members and your community.  You have the opportunity to create sustainable and comprehensive care  for generational health and wellness challenges.

I hope this has been helpful and insightful for you. Eastern medicine is such an incredible approach to living your best life.

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Until next time.