Does spirituality play a role in healing?


Have you ever wondered why an olympic athlete or someone who appears to be physically well gets sick?  

Wouldn't you assume that all those wheat grass shots ward off any bug trying to enter into the wellness force field?

While keeping physically well is of great importance, spiritual wellness is tantamount!  Holistic health takes this into account and recognizes that health is not black and white.  

Feeling connected to a source greater than your little (but significant) human body is something our modern day, Western culture has moved away from.  However, if you look back at many ancient cultures, the vitality of communities and families, as well as individual wellness was interdependent upon a divine connection with source.    

Now, I'm not one to impose a belief system on anyone.  I believe that individuals have to choose what works best for them.  


But I do see some cool stuff in my practice that can only be explained by divine intervention-- stuff that some consider to be miraculous. The miracles that I speak of are when hope and faith meet the seemingly impossible. Now, I have not seen immaculate conception or those who have passed on return in the same physical form.  

What I do see are the simple miracles that come from the reliance on a higher power to provide a way.  

I see the look of amazement when someone realizes that their body can be their friend and not their enemy; I see people who have been in the pit of darkness arrive at peace; I see those who have once given up on happiness feel contentment.  

All because of a seed of hope and faith.

We can not do it all alone- we were not designed to carry the burdens that some of us try to face by our lonesome.  (Do you know how stressful that is?) 

My intention is not to tell you to now go pray or meditate, go to a mosque, temple, church or set up an altar.  

I really just want to be a messenger to remind anyone who needs it that sometimes all you can do is surrender your way to the will of the divine- and that's where miracles and healing happen.