Does spirituality play a role in health?


Have you ever wondered why an olympic athlete or someone who appears to be in superb physical health gets sick?  

Over time and with experience I've learned that you can't judge someone's health based on their physical appearance. There's so much more to wellness, like the holistic triad that I love to discuss- mind, body and spirit! Wheat grass shots and working out 5 days a week are sometimes just not enough to stay healthy.

While keeping healthy is of great importance, spiritual wellness is tantamount to physical wellbeing. Holistic health takes this into account and recognizes that health is not black and white.  

Feeling connected to a greater source or higher power is something our modern day, Western culture has moved away from.  If you look back at many ancient cultures, the vitality of communities and families as well as individual wellness was interdependent upon a divine connection with source. The idea of the whole versus the individual provided for living in harmony with the elements, nature, animals and the community at large. Groups came together to celebrate, mourn and connect spiritually.  This was wellness. This IS wellness.    


I'm not one to impose a particular belief system on anyone.  I believe that individuals have to choose what works best for them. But I do see amazing transformation in my practice when people start to take a holistic approach to their health.  This usually means putting more effort into practices such as meditation, affirmation, visualization and down time for spiritual recharge.  

I do believe spirituality plays a role in health. Sometimes turning over stress to a higher power is significant enough to bring some relief.  Furthermore, having faith goes a long way.  

Miracles are when hope and faith meet the seemly impossible. Maybe it's clearing the mind which makes way for a new divine inspired idea. Or it could just be that connecting with spirit allows for peace of mind that what is, is part of a divine plan.

We can't do it all alone- we were not designed to carry the all the burdens that some of us try to face by alone.  

My intention is not to tell you to solely focus on prayer or meditation for a cure to that which ails you. Or to go to a mosque, temple or church and stop your wellness plan.  But rather take on a holistic approach to your wellness care. Remember that it's not just the body but the mind and spirit should also be strong for overall health- use the triad (mind, body, spirit) to support you. 

Here are 5 ways that I personally integrate my spirituality into my holistic wellness care:

1. Make 1 day a week a true day of rest and engage in activities that recharge me.

2. Use the app, Headspace to help with regular meditation accountability.

3.  Make a daily list of that which I am grateful for.

4. Release any stress at the end of the day by surrendering to a higher power.

5. Only engage in activities that align with my morals, values and personal mission.

What are your 5 ways?

I hope this was insightful for you. Make sure to add your name below to stay in the holistic loop.  As always, blessings to you.