How to do a holistic detox

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I love Spring because you can feel the energy of budding life. The rains (and snow) of the previous months have nourished and washed away what’s no longer needed to make room for a fresh start.

This is a great time to be more intentional about what you want to let go of before the new season begins so you have space to usher in something fresh for your life.  Many get really into cleansing at the top of a new year but the excitement often fades after 6 weeks or so from January 1st.  I know I was on a strong Marie Kondo kick but life got busy and I’m left with a few piles of old papers that are waiting to be sorted…lol ;)

I like to get clear on what I’m manifesting for my life based on current patterns and make adjustments to ensure that I’m cultivating a life that meets my desires.

A little life detox is good to see things for what they are.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself to identify where you need to start detoxing:

  • What’s the new budding life experience you’re wanting to manifest (or are manifesting)?

  • Do your daily activities support the refreshed life you’re wanting to usher in?

  • Are there any chronic, nagging health issues that are slowing you down? What are the triggers?

  • Does your body demonstrate signs on toxicity (low energy, skin breakouts, challenging periods, headaches, bloating, excess gas, achy joints…)

  • Are you over do for a session with a mental health specialist/therapist to help sort through some emotional congestion?

  • Are there people in your life that drain your energy?

Can you see where in your life you can offer more attention to clear out old cobwebs?

Do you need to:

  • Reframe your desires?

  • Change your holistic wellness routine?

  • Get treatment for a health issue?

  • Do a systemic detox?

  • Make an appointment to see a therapist?

  • Let go of old relationships that are toxic/draining?

To do a holistic detox means to get rid of unhealthy energy or substances.

Where do you need to start?

I hope this has been helpful for you.

Until next time….