5 Wellness Musts for the New Year

We often get super excited about starting with a clean slate at the top of a new year.  It's a chance to have a "do-over" and recalibrate.  I love reflecting on my practice, particularly my patients from the previous year.  I learn a lot about trends in health and wellness by watching what folks are dealing with. Today, I'm sharing a few areas I recommend keeping an eye to maintain sustained vitality as you begin 2019! 

1) Ensure that you're wearing supportive shoes and caring for your feet, ankles and knees.  

In 2018, I saw quite a few patients with debilitating or near debilitating lower extremity pain. If you've been putting off seeing a podiatrist, getting new supportive shoes or getting that knee checked, don't delay.

2) Manage inflammation!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't stress this enough and I know the idea can seem vague to some. Inflammation is ignited when the body is stressed.  This can occur from off blood sugar, infection, strain, drugs, food allergies, toxicity, hormone imbalance and more... If you know you're day to day routine is causing one of these or if you have an underlying health condition that's frequently triggered, consider making inflammation reduction a priority.  (see Purification Program info below for additional support with this)

3) Avoid crappy food

Unfortunately, our food supply is saturated with refined and processed products.  In the U.S., we have such low standards for food quality when compared to Europe who bans many GMO's and food additives.  Reading ingredient labels is key.  When buying a packaged product, if you have a hard time understanding what something is, don't put it in your body.  Also, aim to cook more from scratch and choose organic, high quality ingredients whenever possible. 

4) Protect your energy

Not everyone and everything deserves your energy. With the accessibility of the media, there's a lot of toxic information buzzing around that can drain your precious energy.  You may also want to change up relationships or environments that are toxic.

5) Don't sweat the small stuff

Life is precious and moves quickly.  Most that we get upset about is probably minor in the grand scheme of things.  Keep stress at a minimum.

I hope this has been helpful for you!