My food adventures with a colicky baby

I LOVE FOOD!  This is no secret to those who know me.  I love terrific restaurants, a dinner party with a foodie host and traveling to countries based on their cultural cuisine. 

Since giving birth and managing Gia’s colic, I have been reduced to eating a measly 7 food items. 

My husband and I used to have a hard time deciding between Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican and Mediterranean for a quick bite to eat while out.  When dining at home I would make fresh fish with a garlic infused, herb marinade, fried oysters, homemade pizzas and soups… all fresh, organic and yummy.  NOW, I eat various combinations of baked chicken, ground turkey, brown rice or quinoa, salmon, peas, okra, salad and oatmeal.  All seasoned with either salt, rosemary, celery salt or agave nectar- scarfed down in 10 minutes.  This a travesty for a self proclaimed chow hound.  All for my baby girl, it’s made a huge difference in her colic.  Oh how I miss food… ahhh, one day!