My journey as a black acupuncturist

I chuckle a little when I write black acupuncturist, probably because I forget that I'm in a profession where you don't see many chocolate, brown skinned practitioners.  Who I am and what I feel is spirit wearing a beautiful, brown cloak whose DNA is linked to an ancestral heritage of generations of "holistic" health practitioners.

I feel connected to the pulse of ancient healers.

I feel connected to the simplicity of natural living. I feel connected to nature in a way that connects me to my roots. I feel connected to the people of Kemet (Ancient Egypt) and Native Americans who knew that their well being was tied to living in harmony with the unviverse and the elements. I know that I'm not alone in what I feel. I just chose to live it in this life time, now. 

the expectation was to be the best me I could be.

No, my mom and dad didn't look at me crazy when I said I wanted to study Chinese Medicine and become an acupuncturist.  Thank God they just went along with it because I'm stubborn and would have insisted :) I think what they've always known about me is that I know the voice of my spirit. I feel her gentle nudges toward the life I was put on Earth to experience.

Years ago in 2006 when i got my first shingle

Years ago in 2006 when i got my first shingle


A popular question I get is how I became interested in Chinese Medicine. Well, let me tell you it never crossed my mind as a child that's for sure. How scarry is the thought of dealing with needles for a living as a youngster ;) I just knew I was going to be a Pedaitrician or Psychiatrist. I was a pre-med student who had planned to go into allopathic medicine.  However, that plan just didn't feel right.  

When I was first exposed to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, it provided a language that linked me back to ancient medical practices. Now, acupuncture is one tool amongst many that I use but it has provided a language for me to speak of health, work-life balance, nature, nutrition and energy with grace and ease (as have Ancient Indian Medicine and Chakras). I just LOVE it.

My hometown was super diverse.

Does this matter? I think it did for me. Growing up people who didn't look like me were not any different. Being the only black person amongst a group of Asian friends didn't make me want to study Asian medicine. It taught me that soul connections are real, people are people and if you lead with your heart, you can touch the masses. It's amazing to connect with those who seek my care and offer a deep and genuine committment to their wellbeing.

The spirit is eternal and knows know boundaries or limitations. All we have to do is say yes to that still, small altruistic voice.  We came with a gift to contribute to the growth and vitality of humanity. I'm blessed in that I was supported in living my truth and was never questioned about my choice to follow my heart. This life is pretty awesome!

hanks & many blessings...