Food substitutions

If you're unsure what to replace your regular food items with, here's a list to guide you in the right direction.  All are low glycemic.


White bread...  Ezekiel bread, brown rice bread, Paleo bread (pricey), Net Carb Zero Bread (pricey)

White tortillas...  Smart & Delicious (gluten free) Wraps, brown rice tortillas

White sugar...  Unsulfured black strap molasses, raw honey,  agave nectar, stevia 

Standard bottled salad dressing...  Make your own salad dressing using extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, Veganaise, citrus, herbs

Dessert...  Fruit, coconut yogurt, Usana snacks, Nutrimeal shakes, dark chocolate

Hard liquor...  Red wine

White/wheat pasta...  Brown rice pasta, quinoa pasta

Cow’s milk cheese...  Avocado, goat’s milk cheese, raw cheese

Chips...  Nori seaweed sheets, sliced apples with Himalayan sea salt, Edamame with sea salt

Coffee...  Herbal tea