Shed the Pounds is a 21 day journey to weight loss, detox, inflammation reduction, digestive support, craving management, understanding what and how to eat and getting in touch with the emotional reasons behind poor eating habits to perhaps discover... what's really missing from your life.

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The Purification Program is a 21 day program to help the body detox and maintain healthy weight. This program focuses on the toxic load the body carries from environmental pollutants, chemicals and pesticides and how the metabolism of these toxins can help support a healthy weight. Clean eating is encouraged to reset eating habits.

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There is a correlation between certain body symptoms, belief patterns and life style. In this program, you will learn about the 7 main Chakras, their attributes and how they relate to you. Furthermore, you'll gain and understanding of how you can empower yourself to support your health and wellness.  

This is truly a holistic program that will help you create your own personal wellness blueprint to get out of surviving and into thriving. 

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