Suzanne had chronic back pain…

"Dr. Lisa has a special gift and I am so fortunate to have her treat me.  I have had chronic back pain due to injuries and overuse and I have seen numerous healthcare professionals over the years for treatment.  

Traditional methods such as physical therapy have given me minimal results.  Lisa's holistic approach has given me tremendous relief of my back pain.

She started with a thorough initial consultation that delved into every part of my health and lifestyle and even early childhood influences.  Her affective kinesiology identified a weak chakra and she sent me home with some useful homework specifically addressing some very old and personal issues.  

She also checked my blood work and studied each element of the results.  I started taking nutritional supplements customized just for me and I felt better after about a month.  

One of the things I love about Lisa is that she listens and takes copious notes.  She remembers details from each of our visits to follow up at our next visit.  I never feel like she's in a hurry to get through our visit.

In addition to the nutritional and chakra counseling, Lisa also treats me with therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

 She begins with massage and then moves on to acupuncture.  She is very gentle with needle insertion and removal.  

Her treatments have significantly reduced my back pain and I have resumed the physical activities I enjoy doing.  

Lisa treats the whole person with expertise and love.  I can tell how much she enjoys her career and how much she cares about her patients.  I cannot say enough positive things about Lisa and you should experience her wealth of knowledge and healing nature for yourself."


Esperanza lost 45 pounds…

"It's been a 100 days since I changed my life.

Diet, exercise and spiritual inquiry have pushed me to live my life in alignment with my vision for the future. Everything is changing. Here's just one reflection of these shifts.  Big thanks to Dr. Lisa's Wellbody Innovations for helping me get here. She's got the magic tips for this diet!"

 "Thank you Dr. Lisa for your help. Here are before and afters...but I lost the weight in just 11 weeks thanks to Dr. Lisa's help. Be on the look out for more pics...because

I'm down 34 POUNDS and I ain't done yet! 


 Pamela had numbing and tingling in her wrist…

"I have been in constant pain over the last 9 years. I have had 2 surgeries, one to attach cartilage in my wrist, and a wire to hold it in place. 

The second surgery was 4 years after the first to re tighten things up. My wrist ached constantly, and I always had numbing & tingling on the top of my hand along with bad pain in the thumb region.

I have seen Dr. Lisa 4 times in a little over a month, and I must say my wrist feels so much better.

The numbing and tingling have disappeared, and the thumb pain is slowly disappearing. 

I had almost given up cooking due to my hands cramping. I am now able to cook and chop up all of my food. Oh, I am also able to write this entire test in one sitting without any pain."


Kenetia had a chronic gynecological symptom…

"I had problems with ovarian cysts.

 I wanted an alternative way to solve the issue without prescriptions.  After 3 months of treatment with Dr. Lisa,

I went and had an ultra-sound and the doctors couldn't find a thing!

 Dr. Lisa is a miracle worker who truly cares. I highly recommend her and all of her services."


Tina could not smell…

"I came to Dr. Lisa with sinus problems so severe I had completely lost my sense of smell and was addicted to over-the-counter nasal sprays.

 I was unable to breathe through my nose.  Toothaches and sinus infections were common. Nightly coughing fits caused by post-nasal drip interrupted my sleep regularly.  I'd been to six different doctors and ear nose and throat specialists, had CT scans, X-rays and MRI's and was told prescription medication was my only option.  This went on for nearly ten years.
Patient, flexible, and kind, Dr. Lisa recommended diet changes and acupuncture weekly.  I looked forward to our visits and often fell asleep during the soothing treatment.  Her recommendations were completely effective and not only am I healed, my quality of life has radically improved.  

I'll never forget the day I smelled a fresh grapefruit blossom in my yard after years of loss and it brought tears to my eyes.  Food tastes better.  I'm a vocalist and my range has improved.

 We all deserve to be perfectly healthy: That is wellness.  Dr. Lisa changed my life for the better and I'm grateful."


Mary's life was limited by her Rheumatoid Arthritis…

"I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have tried every medication prescribed.

Before acupuncture, I was giving myself a weekly injection of anti-inflammatory medication.
Previous doctors have treated my illnesses one ailment at a time. Since switching to Dr. Lisa,

I have much more energy, less stress, and enjoy life more.

Dr. Lisa has changed my life."


Natalia experienced emotional breakthroughs…

"Dr. Lisa uses her knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, plus her incredible sense of intuition to figure out the root cause of your ailment.

Her sweet and kindhearted personality make you feel comfortable from the very first visit. I'm most impressed by the fact that in every visit I experience an emotional breakthrough that leaves me with a sense of peace; as if she's helped me get something off my chest. In every visit Dr. Lisa takes the time to listen to my concerns, give me her personal input, do some acupuncture and muscle testing, and make sure I feel like I'm being taken care of with patience and a true desire to help me heal. I'm very lucky to have found Dr. Lisa, because I believe she has something special to offer - a really well balanced approach mixed in with true knowledge of her craft."