The bridge between body & soul

The heart chakra is associated with life attributes love, forgiveness, resentment, compassion, healing and self love. It sits in the center of the chest.


This is such a powerful chakra because it is the bridge between the upper spiritual chakras and lower physical ones.

When blocked, this chakra commonly manifests in chest tightness, asthma, heart palpitations and mid back pain (by the way, please get checked by a physician if you have any of these symptoms).

If we look at the symbolism of this chakra as a bridge between the 1st-3rd chakras and 5th-7th chakras, we see how love is at the center of all we do. Negative emotions can not exist in the presence of LOVE.

Love is the gateway to harmony between the visible and the invisible– the ego and higher self.

To surrender to this is to be free. The body is lighter when the burden of resentment is released and forgiveness takes place. It’s as though a weight has been lifted.

What bridge do you need to mend? It may even be with you.

Many times we need to understand that we we’re not at fault for certain traumatic occurrences that we have taken the responsibility for.

Give yourself permission to remove that hat you may have felt obligated to wear.

The heart chakra is always seeking expansion. Through divine Agape (unconditional love) we are able to evolve in consciousness. It’s important to listen to the purity of our heart’s song to get closer to becoming our best selves.

When your body speaks, listen. True healing requires that we sometimes move through the uncomfortable to find resolution. You are worth it!

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Self care brings women magic

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The Real Deal…Double Whammy of Feminine



Today it dawned on me that I am doubly female.

  I am carrying my first baby, a baby girl at that.  I feel like a walking estrogen ball…oozing pink, estrogen and all things round and curvy.  What does this mean to be doubly female?  I can tell you that it feels like mother Earth personified.  The urge to nurture, nest, move with rhythm, dance in the waves and be round and powerful about sums it up.  There are so many new emotions, new thoughts, new perspectives.  My second Chakra is pulsating with this creative gift from above.  There is an urge to pause and just be… feminine!