The connection between worth, self esteem, weight and the digestive system


I've found that there's such an intimate connection between worthiness/self esteem, food consumption and the appropriate functioning of the digestive system.

How we feel about ourselves and the self talk that goes on in our mind all day is part of our mental-emotional nutrition.  

How we "digest life" effects the way we show up in the world.

Do you have a healthy habit of saying kind things about yourself or do you allow too much mental and emotional junk to infiltrate your mind?

Feeling confident in your skin, feeling comfortable in your choices and knowing that you are worthy is part of how you digest the world around you.

Constantly wondering if you are enough or if you are making the right life choice is stressful. Many feel the direct impact of life stress on the digestive system.  

The perception of the world moving in a way that may surpass the ability to keep up can be too much to manage at times. The body takes on energy of this belief and absorbs it, even if the perception is not the true reality.

The result of this may show up a few different ways:

  • over eating

  • feeling a perpetual knot in the stomach

  • nausea

  • constant butterflies

  • irritable bowels

Digestion is the breakdown of food by the body so that nutrients can be absorbed. When digestion is impaired there's a problem in how we fuel ourselves. Much like our belief that we may not be good enough, have enough or do enough.... we augment the positive mental and emotional nutrition we need each day and feed ourselves junk.

In reality, we just have a problem absorbing the truth of abundance.

Our overall ability to digest is off.

I've found it highly effective to spend some time reflecting on the solar plexus power center.

Set the intention to strengthen your personal power, gut instincts and self worth and the way you play the game of life with shift right before your eyes.

Here are a few questions for introspection designed to assess your core chakra. (Just make sure you do yourself a favor and answer the following questions honestly.)

1) Do you feel confident in who you are?  Courageous?  Capable?  

2) Do you feel valuable? Worthy of good things?

3) Do you praise your body or are you always tearing it a part in the mirror?  

4) Do you feel confident that you can see your dreams to fruition?

When we feel lack we compensate in many ways

A common way we compensate is by over eating or making food choices that provide the quick satisfaction from life that our soul is looking for, disguised as unhealthy comfort food.  

If only we realized that life is sweet enough or full enough and extraced our needs from it instead of from food.  

In my practice, I've seen so many with digestive issues such as irritable bowel, heart burn, gas, bloating and chronic disease share stories of feeling powerless, inadequate or out of touch with their worth. 

Often times we only address the physical by looking for medication or even nutrition to fix us.  It may be helpful to go a step further and try a little inner work for a true holistic approach to wellness. The following are a few ideas:

1) Seek a life coach, licensed therapist, support group or psychologists for mental and emotional support and to help heal deep wounds.

2) Create affirmations and add them to your calendar so you are reminded of your worth.  Make sure the affirmations are confident boosting. (A couple examples of affirmations are, "I am courageous in all that I do", "I am worthy of all good things".)

3) Surround yourself with people who think you're the s#*t and support you in a healthy way.

4) Know that you were created perfectly and you are not your story!  Find comfort in knowing that imperfect is perfect.

5) Understand that there are unlimited opportunities for you to live the life of your dreams.

6) Register for my The Wellness Blueprint (enrollment now for just a limited time). It’s a terrific, easy yet thorough, virtual, holistic program designed to transform the way you do life.

I do hope this was insightful for you.

Until next time...