Why you should take nutritional supplements and why you may not need to


I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I really hate taking nutritional supplements.  This coming from someone who recommends herbs, vitamins and minerals.  I’ve gone back and forth with my regimen over the years.  When I feel good, I stop.  Then the crappy feeling sets in after about a month and I wonder why.  I get a light bulb moment and say, “ohhhhh I haven’t been taking my supplements.”  Sound familiar?

So, why do we need supplements anyway? I’ve asked myself this questions many times.  I eat with heath in mind choosing organic, non GMO foods when possible.  I’m not on any pharmaceutical medications.  Shouldn’t I just be able to eat healthy and call it a day?

Well, YES!  And no! Here are a few reasons why we need nutritional supplements followed by a few instances when you may not.


  1. If you’re not eating organic produce the soil you’re getting food from is likely depleted of nutrients from our exploitive agricultural system. If the soil is depleted then so are your fruits and veggies.  Just because an apple or zucchini is big does not mean that it’s full of nutrients.  There are farming tricks to make that happen.
  2. Did you know that many pharmaceutical drugs can drain your body of vital minerals? Vitamins such as B12, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin C, B vitamins, glutathione, potassium and healthy bacteria can be depleted.  Drugs ranging from birth control pills to pain killers, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes medications and antibiotics can reduce nutrients. 
  3. Do you push your body to the limit with work and/or exercise?  Are you stressed? Are you battling an illness? This causes the body to need an extra supply of nutrients to met the demand.
  4. Are you sure you're eating the right foods for your body?  Sometimes we are eating well by American standards but it may be less than ideal for your particular body.  Perhaps you're missing out or getting excess of what you really don’t need.  You may just need a baseline of nutrients that are fine tuned for the time being.

Possible NO Need

  1. Do you have strong cultural awareness of what your ancestors have been eating for thousands of years and it’s kept them strong and healthy? You probably don’t need to be bothered with measly vitamins/minerals.
  2. Maybe you have strong awareness of how to get everything your body needs with herbs and food.  Herbs have been the “supplements”  for centuries that have helped supply needed nutrients. If you are well versed in herbal medicine then you may be getting all you need.

I know it’s a tricky world of supplementation out there. I personally prefer food based vitamins and herbs.  If you’d like to consult with me about herbs or a custom supplement program I’m offering 50% off my $75, 30 min consult that can be done in person or via FaceTime.  Feel free to message me at the form below about scheduling.

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