I’m bringing happy back!



In Robin William’s movie, Hook, it took just one happy thought to access Peter Pan’s powers to fly.  After becoming a boring, dreadful adult Peter Pan became sullen and devoid of laughter in his life.  He had to re-discover his happy to be at his best to rescue his children from the evil pirate.  Hmm, sounds like a good strategy plan to me.

It can be so easy to loose sight of what gives you a good belly laugh. 

Happiness is healing. 

Once you get a taste of the happy’s, it’s hard to resist another turn.

The practice is worth the effort.  When you are feeling joyful the body releases more of the “feel good” hormone called serotonin. 

Acupuncture also stimulates the release of “feel good” hormones.  When serotonin and other neurotransmitters are released not only do you feel a bit euphoric, you are better able to deal with pain and adopt an optimistic outlook.

Food for thought: 

  • What does inner happiness mean to you? 
  • What makes you organically happy? 
  • How powerful do you feel when you are joyful? 
  • How can you make this a practice? 

Remember… happy thoughts keep you and your spirits lifted!