5 ways to turn up your soul & turn down your ego for health's sake

Do you ever feel torn between doing the right thing (which is usually healthy on many fronts) and throwing caution to the wind and serving your ego, only concerned with satisfaction in the moment? 

Do you feel the weight of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other-- the angel representing good intentions and the devil, ego, fear and that which will lead you down an un-healthy path?

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Staying healthy and living a life where you play full out can be challenging. 

It requires discipline and making choices that will yield results in the future, leaving you empty (but full of faith) in the present.   

Check out a few tips below that will help you become better acquainted with your soul’s desires and keep you on track to live a healthy life:

1. Set intentions 

What do you want to achieve in your life and with your health?  Set intentions that are in alignment with you goals and your soul’s mission.  I like to make a bullet point list and have it handy (in my phone, or posted on a wall) to keep focus.

2. Come up with a mission or vision statement for your life

Don’t let anyone else define your life but you.  Come up with a paragraph that sums up the type of person you are and what impression you want to leave on others and the world.  Do you want to inspire others to be healthy, charitable, active in the community?  Do you want to change the world?  Do you want to beat genetic tendencies to be unhealthy?  Write it out and make sure your actions are consistent.

3.  Keep a journal 

Free flow ideas and insights that come from an authentic and positive place.  Let this be a point of reference for your goals.   

4.  Phone a friend to keep you in check

When you are less than motivated to do the right thing, email, call or text a friend that has your best interest at heart to help you stay on track.  We can be one call a way from avoiding a disaster.    

5.  Meditate or sit in silence

Allow for an inner dialogue with yourself without distractions.  At this time feed yourself with positive self talk, self love and self appreciation.  Pump yourself up so that you can stay out of fear and outside negative influences. 

Hope you've enjoyed.



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