3 ways to keep healthy & happy (despite any circumstance)


In my practice, I not only work with those who are looking to relive aches and pains or balance out hormones but also people who want to

live life with greater fulfillment.  

Treatment sessions with me often reveal emotional wounds (big or small) that my patients have unintentionally stored in the body, impacting health and over all wellness. 

Below are some effective tips to help achieve sustained health and happiness regardless of the crap that has happened:

1. Maintain a clear vision of the life you desire

The past does not have to be your future.  See the life you want in your mind’s eye and commit to knowing that you can achieve it.  Vision boards and vision walls are great for this.  

2. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and uplifting

Spend time with people who see you as more than your circumstance.  Share space with people who believe you can do anything.  Let there be a healthy balance energy shared where you give and receive blessings, support and love.

3. Forgive!    

You have to FORGIVE to move forward.  Holding on to anger or resentment only hurts the holder.  For your own wellbeing find a way to let go of old hurts.  You could write a letter for closure then burn it to signify letting go.  Also check in with a therapist to help you work through where you may be stuck.  

I hope this is helpful...


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