Holistic help for low back and hip pain

The manifestation of pain is rarely the source..png

As an acupuncturist and chiropractor (I don't practice chiro anymore but use the knowledge base) I've heard my fare share of complaints about low back and hip pain. It's a literal pain in the butt!  I had my own experience with it after I got married and then truly identified with my patients.

For me, it felt like a huge hand clenched my hip. It was like fingers were digging into my butt cheek, my low back was stiff and groin area pinching when I bent my legs.  

I was newly married and a bit stressed learning how to live and navigate life with my new partner.  I guess the pain could have been caused by our mattress or working out but something triggered it. As a healthy person who was in shape I racked my brain trying to figure out what caused my back pain.

Ever get a headache racking your brain trying to figure out all the possible causes of a flare up? 

With significant low back and hip tightness, the balance between the tendons, muscles, ligaments and facia are likely so out of wack that it limits a full stride and may cause a pinch or tension with flexion.

The front hip flexors, low back and gluteal muscles help to stabilize the pelvis and hips.  If one is off by design, the other has to follow.  

Ever feel off balance in your hips when you walk?

Acupuncture, deep massage, chiropractic and stretching can help.  I often suggest yoga for relief and re-establishing core strength and stabilization.


But since I am a holistic practitioner.... what also needs to also be addressed are issues related to the 2nd power center in energy medicine.  The sacral chakra which relates to love, money, purpose, passion and creativity! 

Stress related to second chakra issues often find their way to the hip region and settle in nicely (though unwanted) there.

When there is lack of balance, flexibility or stability in life you can anticipate energetic misalignment or tension. Lack of fulfillment in your creative life, with your finances and/or with your love life that creates a level of stress or dissatisfaction shouldn't be ignored.

I recommend some soul searching and introspection.  Perhaps contemplate the following:

  1. What do you need to be fulfilled at work?
  2. How will you break past challenges with finances?
  3. How can you create a strategy for increasing cash flow?
  4. Are you happy in your relationships?
  5. What will it take for you to feel secure and happy in your relationships?
  6. How can you increase the pleasure in life?
  7. Do you have a good work-life balance?
  8. How can you work more closely in alignment with your passion?

Happy introspecting and stretching.  Hoping you've enjoyed this post and wish you optimal holistic wellness.