How gratitude heals the heart chakra


A lot of us need some heart healing, ya’ll. Many have experienced a lot of personal hurts in their lives and those old wounds tend to be a little more sensitive this time of year.  Not to mention, our country (and the world at large) is going through a massive energetic upheaval. I don’t know how you could miss it (well, sometimes I try to).  

With regards to the heart power center (or chakra), emotions of resentment, sorrow, sadness, despair, anger, lack of forgiveness have an energetic affinity for this space.  These are some heavy duty feelings, right?  They unfortunately weigh us down and make life feel like we’re trudging through mud. I’m personally not here for it.

Over time, I’ve seen more patients with anxiety and high blood pressure than before.

Carrying heavy emotions can definitely impact the physical body!

I did an unintentional experiment in yoga the other day that demonstrated how heavy emotions can totally throw off alignment.  

When standing on one leg balancing in tree pose, my mind started to wander and I thought about the fires currently incinerating acres upon acres in California (Campfire and Woolsey fires).  

My leg went wobbly and I lost my pose.  I got back up but my mind continued to wonder as I thought about the killing of the innocent young black man, shot multiple times by the police in Illinois who when from hero to victim as he defended the lives of many in a night club. 

I quickly then bounced to the state of affairs of our nation and how my child will know a totally different world.

All of this as I tried to stay aligned in yoga.  It wasn’t happening. I was no good.

Some of us are highly sensitive to the chaos around us and others have their own internal chaos happening.  

What I know for myself and what I see in (many) others is that to stay in a state of despair and sorrow is disempowering.

Energy scatters and can take some serious effort to harness in.  

I’ve found that I’m effective at my personal mission when I give gratitude for my life.  

In yoga, when I went into gratitude for the fire fighters, social media to report the “wokeness” that is slowly finding it’s way into the hearts of those once unaware of the injustices in our society and the freedom that I have to create a life I desire to support the wellness of others, I am better able to move through life.  

This season as you may feel the weight of heavy emotions, remember to give thanks that you got to wake up another day to make a difference. 

Let your heart be led by compassion, global healing, unity, and unconditional love. 

You are the light.
I hope this has been helpful to you.

Until next time,