Self care brings women magic

Self care brings women magic

When speaking of self love and self care, many women refer to it as if it’s a mythological legend.  It sounds great in theory but it's ever elusive. 

In this post, I share how and why you should turn that unicorn into a tangible reality. Check it out.


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The connection between worth, self esteem, weight and the digestive system

The connection between worth, self esteem, weight and the digestive system

How we feel about who we are in the world impacts the way the body digests life.  Our self talk is part of our mental-emotional nutrition. In Chakra medicine, the energy we feed ourselves can affect the physical digestive system (think stress and butterflies in the tummy).

In this post I share how you can start to address your digestive health from a new perspective and manage wellness for optimal living. Check it out.

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How Chakras connect the mind, body and spirit

How Chakras connect the mind, body and spirit

I love and adore working with the 7 main chakras.  I've had such amazing personal insights and have watched incredible “light bulb” moments and massive transformation in others.  In this post, I share some chakra basics as well as a video that delves deeper into the rights of passage aspects of each chakra.

Check out this, oldie but goodie video post.

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How to stay healthy amidst stress and uncertainty

How to stay healthy amidst stress and uncertainty

If you’re like me there’ve been times you’ve wanted to hide in a cave, other times you’ve wanted to cry with your head in your hands, and moments you’ve just stared into space in disbelief wondering, “where am I?” and “is this real life?”. There's just so much going on in the world.

This post shares my take on how to digest the barrage of intense news while maintaining your wellness.


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7 Steps to stop sabotaging your wellness

7 Steps to stop sabotaging your wellness

[VIDEO] Yes, I know... it's been a while.  I had to take a little break but for good reason. See, I had a bit of an issue with a saboteur. What I ultimately discovered is that I'm my own worst enemy, I am my saboteur. Anyone else?  Check out my post to hear my 7 tips to stop self sabotage.

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How to stop feeling lonely and connect with your tribe

How to stop feeling lonely and connect with your tribe

Have you ever said, "does anyone out there get me, view the world the same way I do, understand how I feel, where is my tribe, where are my people?

Today I'm sharing 3 things I've learned to kick out the lonely and connect with your tribe.

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The problem with Type A personalities and what to do about it

The problem with Type A personalities and what to do about it

If there is a friend who needs to move, a party to plan, or committee to chair, this person can’t help but raise a hand and say, "I'll do it!"  Meanwhile, the things-to-do list mounts.  But what happens to the life of the person who is everything to everyone?

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Believe the impossible

You absolutely have to go there.  You have to believe that miracles can happen, that the outrageous dream you have is possible, that the impossible really does just mean i’m-possible.

Your mantra should be... 

You have to believe with the innocence of a child who knows that all things are possible because they could not fathom anything otherwise.  

Don't be the cynical adult with your vision-- let your imaginative juices out to play and say, what if?  What if you really can do it, be it, have it, know it?  

You deserve every ounce of creative freedom when it comes to the fulfillment of your desires.  

There's a lot to be said for seeing something in the minds eye then allowing it to manifest.  

Athletes do it, they see they're race or game performed at a record pace in order to invite the possibility of winning in.  We have to get in the same practice for our lives.  

The 2nd (sacral) and 6th (third eye) Chakras are key for this.  Creativity is born in the sacral chakra.  This is where you give birth to an exciting idea and allow it to bloom.   At the third eye, start to see and sense what it would feel like for your impossible idea to come to fruition.  

Let creativity meet imagination and watch the once small thought grow into an exciting and grand project.

 Don't let any thing limit the process.  When you allow the impossible the sky is the limit.


Your past does not have to be your future

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The amazing thing about life is that we always have the opportunity to see a new day.  

What happened yesterday has no bearing on what will happen in the present.

The only thing we bring with us as we travel forward through time our story about who we are or who we were told we were supposed to be.

We often hang on to other’s definition of who we are stemming from childhood or teenage years.

This characterization, while so out dated is familiar and we may wear it like a badge. We cling to what we know even if it does not serve us.

The challenge is to rewrite our story.

What happened in the past is the past. So, who are you now? What new foundation can you lay so that you move forward with security and safety?

Paint where you have come from in a positive light.

Challenges have only made you stronger and more appreciate of what others take for granted.

Highlight good times and moments you have felt all your needs being met. Feel where you want to go and know that you have support. Breathe in a fresh new perspective and move into your future feeling blessed with strength and resilience.


The bridge between body & soul

The heart chakra is associated with life attributes love, forgiveness, resentment, compassion, healing and self love. It sits in the center of the chest.


This is such a powerful chakra because it is the bridge between the upper spiritual chakras and lower physical ones.

When blocked, this chakra commonly manifests in chest tightness, asthma, heart palpitations and mid back pain (by the way, please get checked by a physician if you have any of these symptoms).

If we look at the symbolism of this chakra as a bridge between the 1st-3rd chakras and 5th-7th chakras, we see how love is at the center of all we do. Negative emotions can not exist in the presence of LOVE.

Love is the gateway to harmony between the visible and the invisible– the ego and higher self.

To surrender to this is to be free. The body is lighter when the burden of resentment is released and forgiveness takes place. It’s as though a weight has been lifted.

What bridge do you need to mend? It may even be with you.

Many times we need to understand that we were/are not at fault for certain traumatic occurrences that we have taken responsibility for.

Give yourself permission to remove that hat you may have felt obligated to wear.

The heart chakra is always seeking expansion. Through divine Agape (unconditional love) we are able to evolve in consciousness. It’s important to listen to the purity of our heart’s song to get closer to becoming our best selves.

When your body speaks, listen. True healing requires that we sometimes move through the uncomfortable to find resolution. You are worth it!

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