7 simple tips to manage your weight through the holidays

We are smack dab in the middle of one of the most festive holiday seasons of the year.... Pass the peppermint bark and egg nog.  Many are watching waist lines expand by the day and may go into the new year 5 pounds heavier.  

I have a few simple tricks... I mean tips to help you keep your weight in check this holiday season and beyond.

1) Make sure to eat at meals at regular intervals through the day

Even if you binge eat at a party, don't go skipping meals days after to make up for the extra calories.  Eat breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.  By skipping meals you'll slow down your metabolism making it more difficult to burn the extra calories you've consumed.

2)Engage in pre-party snacking

Avoid over eating indulgent food at festive gatherings by snacking before you go out.  Let apples, hummus and crackers or other low glycemic food fill up your belly.

3) Drink plenty of water

Whether 64 ounces of half your body weight in ounces.  Stay hydrated to distinguish thirst from hunger.

4) Take the stairs ( and when you can and walk more than you have to)

Brun extra calories when you can- amp up your exercise routine or simply take the stairs, lap the mall or park at the back of the lot to get in a bit more walking.

5) Let fiber be your best friend

When enjoying a sugary, sweet treat eat a fiber rich food item prior.  You'll get full faster and your blood sugar won't spike so high.

6) When at a party, use a napkin instead of a plate

Why is it that we usually fill up what ever plate size we are given when selecting food at a party?  Instead, use a napkin and get a couple of pieces to snack on at a time.  You'll give your body more time feel full by going back in line for more food ;)

7) Be the first on the dance floor

Don't be a wall flower, get your boogie on.  A little extra cardio exercies will only benefit your waist line.

Enjoy yourself and rock on!